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DiMeo's know blueberries. The DiMeo blueberry farms in New Jersey, now in it's fourth generation, owns several of the largest blueberry farms in America, that (with all farm acreage owned by various DiMeo family members, all combined) totals over 1,000 acres of DiMeo family owned blueberry farms and blueberry bushes nursery in Hammonton, New Jersey. We can teach you how to grow your own blueberries with our organic Heirloom blueberry bushes. CALL NOW: (609) 561-5905 to get a quick quote on mail order blueberry bushes or pick-up Non-GMO organic berry berry bushes at our family berry farm. Over 43,609 LIKES on our DiMeo Facebook page with happy customers.

The original DiMeo family berry farms were established around 1910 by Michael DiMeo, father of Anthony DiMeo, Sr., who immigrated from Sulmona, Italy (Abruzzo, Italia) with little more than $5 dollars in his pocket and the clothes on his back. His sons, Frank DiMeo, Anthony DiMeo, Sr., Michael DiMeo and William DiMeo worked their entire lives to plant blueberries on all the DiMeo family blueberry farms. Below is 84 year-old Michael DiMeo, Sr. (son of Frank DiMeo) who checks almost every single DiMeo blueberry pint at Wharton packing house, as the filled blueberry pints fly out of the new blueberry packing machine. He still works on his blueberry farm every single day, sunrise to sunset and has lots of energy. He can out-work most teenagers. Must be because he eats blueberries every day. God bless him.

Our family farm blueberry pint logo is a heart of blueberries because we LOVE farming, we love keeping our customers healthy with blueberries and we love our customers. We are proud to be a family blueberry farm and encourage people all across America to not only buy American-made products, but to buy direct from American farmers. Let's keep more of our money right here in America and support one another not only in business, but in good health as well. At DiMeo Berry Farms we care about growing the best tasting blueberries and selling healthy blueberries and mature blueberry bushes direct to the public at a lower price and higher quality than any big box stores. If you invest in growing your own organic blueberries at home, just think of all the money you will save in your lifetime.

DiMeo Blueberries packed in pints

DiMeo's Picking New Jersey Blueberries in Season

Many of the DiMeo's still use hand picking blueberries to harvest the annual blueberry crop, but toward the end of each New Jersey blueberry season, they use blueberry picking machines to take off the last blueberry picking. Watch the video below of third generation DiMeo blueberry farmer operating one of the IBF blueberry picking machines as he picks the last blueberry picking. These blueberry harvesters reduce blueberry farmer picking costs to about .25 cents per berry crate instead of paying migrant blueberry pickers to hand pick the blueberries during the long extended blueberry picking season. Running this blueberry harvester machine may look easy, but he can't take his eyes off the blueberry rows or he risks ripping out blueberry bush roots or breaking the expensive blueberry harvester plates.

DiMeo Farms & Blueberry Nursery is a professional blueberries grower of blueberry plants, large mature blueberry bushes and Non-GMO organic berry plants for sale in New Jersey. We sell the same big blueberry bushes that our expert blueberry growers plant to increase blueberry production yields. Our certified virus-free, disease tested, ultra-heavy bearing blueberry plants are BIGGER blueberry plants, healthier and dug only hours before shipping. That's why our vigorous DiMeo blueberry plants should grow blueberries faster, establish big root systems quicker and bear larger blueberries to fill more pints of berries for you to sell. DiMeo's are REAL blueberry growing experts who were contracted by publicly traded companies as expert consultants. We sell direct to home blueberry gardeners, edible landscape nursery, blueberry plant retailers, fruit wineries, pick your own blueberry farms and wholesale blueberry growers across America. No berry plant order is too big or too small. CALL NOW: (609) 561-5905 as we prefer a quick phone call instead of e-mails. We greatly appreciate your business!

DiMeo Blueberry Farming History

The DiMeo family blueberry farms and blueberry nurseries can trace their roots back to around 1910 when then, Italian immigrant Michael DiMeo came over from (Abruzzo) Sulmona, Italy. He and his two brothers, Salvatore DiMeo and Nicholas DiMeo originally settled in Providence, Rhode Island. After starting a successful DiMeo farm and roadside farm market in the Providence area. Salvatore decided to head up to Bridgewater, Mass and started growing raspberries and became one of the biggest raspberry farms in America. But, his other brother, Michael DiMeo decided to head down to Southern New Jersey in search of higher quality soil "without as many rocks" that would often break his farm implements. He took a simple job on the Pennsylvania Railroad to earn money to travel, and one day he discovered Hammonton, New Jersey. He liked the small town of Hammonton and it's central location to New York City and Philadelphia. Michael DiMeo then purchased about 35 acres of farm land in Hammonton. He started the now large DiMeo family farming operation with just a small blueberry patch behind his farm house. Here is a photo of him proudly standing in his first patch of blueberries in New Jersey.

The original DiMeo Berry Farms grew organic blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, dew berries, black diamonds, butternut squash, apples, peaches, pumpkins, yams and even sweet potatoes. Mr. DiMeo eventually built it into a much larger family farm as the DiMeo's continued investing in farm land during The Great Depression. They invested every penny they had. Photoed below is the son of Michael DiMeo, second generation blueberry farmer Anthony DiMeo, Sr. who is shown proudly standing with the farm horse that he used to plow up the nursery to plant blueberries at his fathers farm, later to be passed down to him and his brothers, Mike and Bill DiMeo. All, who worked and devoted their lives to grow and build the various family farms that now carry forward their old fashioned berry farming methods.

Michael DiMeo turned the DiMeo family farms over to his sons, Anthony DiMeo, Sr., Michael DiMeo, Jr. and William A. DiMeo, who slowly converted the entire DiMeo family farm operations to exclusively grow blueberries, blueberry plants and large blueberry bushes.  Anthony DiMeo, Sr. began planting hundreds of acres of hardy blueberry bushes back in the early 1940s. He started out with only 500 blueberry plants. Over the decades, Anthony DiMeo, Sr. and his brothers, including Frank DiMeo, Michael DiMeo, Jr., and William DiMeo built their own successful DiMeo-owned blueberry farms that today, through much sacrifice, have achieved great success. With all members of the DiMeo family and all various DiMeo family-owned farms all combined, total around 1000 acres of blueberries in the "blueberry capital of the world" Hammonton, New Jersey. Most of which, is due to the lifetime investment of Anthony DiMeo, Sr., who gave his entire life to develop, build and work the many DiMeo berry farms in Hammonton.

Grandpop DiMeo Invests In Planting Blueberries

"I never like buying berries grown overseas. Who knows what kind of dirty irrigation water they use or spray on the berries. Planting blueberries was the best move I ever made." 

Second generation DiMeo farmer, Anthony DiMeo, Sr. retired when he was 86 but still worked hard on the DiMeo family berry farm until he was almost 90 years old. He gave his entire life to passionately working the family fruit farms as a proud American farmer. His entire life was the DiMeo berry farm. He traveled very little in his life, but accomplished so much as he grew the family berry farms with every day of hard work and sacrifice. He depended on the farm to provide for the entire DiMeo family, and it always did. It still does to this day. His idea of farming fresh natural berries was quite simple: grow the finest blueberries and blueberry plants and always sell at a fair price. Some say, Mr. DiMeo sold more blueberry bushes than anyone in America during his time. He also was an expert at growing blueberries and all the blueberry pickers come in from New York City and Philadelphia during the summer to pick DiMeo blueberries in season. Here are the original blueberry picking tickets that were issued to DiMeo blueberry pickers over 100 years ago. To earn one of these tickets meant lots of hard work.

Grandpop DiMeo Remembers Hard, But Good Times

Anthony "Tony" DiMeo, Sr. remembers his mother making loaves of bread all the time. They ate lots of bread to keep their bellies full when there was not enough food. In the fall, they would dig up all the cabbage and replant it by the house. They would cut down the corn and use the corn fodder to cover the buried cabbage and bury it a couple feet deep underground to keep it from freezing in the winter. The soft part of the corn husks were used to stuff everyones sleeping mattress. Earning only $5.00 per week, working 15 hour days, 6 days a week on the DiMeo family farms in New Jersey. Every Sunday, the DiMeo family would walk three miles to church and back. Every child went to church. After he married grandmom "Millie" DiMeo, they would still go to church every Sunday, and then they would take a walk on the family berry farm. Here they are standing on the children's swings behind the DiMeo family blueberry farms in Hammonton. They both truly loved everything about the farm life.

In the winter, everyone in the DiMeo family slept downstairs. They used the upstairs to store meat because it was so cold up there. The DiMeo homestead had only one stove and it was the only heat in the house. His mother, Nunziata (Nancy) DiMeo would pile up bricks on the stove to heat them up and then when each child went to bed, she would put a brick at their feet with a blanket tent around it. It was just enough heat to keep their feet warm until they fell asleep. If he took a glass of water to bed, in the morning the water would be frozen solid. At Christmas, each kid would get a pair of socks, one banana, a small orange and an apple. He remembers his mother always saying "when you have a good time with someone, you never have enough time." He said, back then, people were very different. There were few arguments, everyone was happy and they would help one another. They were all poor, but happy.

Future of Blueberry Farming Profits

New Generation Blueberry Farmers. Old Generation Values.

The grandchildren of Mr. & Mrs. Anthony DiMeo, Sr., now make up the fourth generation of the DiMeo blueberry farming family in "the blueberry capital of the world" Hammonton, New Jersey. Three of the grandsons now continue their grandfathers and great-grandfathers legacy of blueberry farming in America and production of higher-quality, ultra-premium blueberries, blueberry plants, large mature blueberry bushes and non-GMO blueberry plant nursery. The blueberry farming practices of the DiMeo family have passed down from generation to generation. This is third generation DiMeo blueberry farmer Anthony DiMeo, Jr. when he started teaching his son, Anthony DiMeo III how to drive tractors and how to be a farmer. Anthony DiMeo III now carries forward the 100+ year-old DiMeo family farming legacy.

Below is a photo of Anthony back on a Massey Ferguson tractor again, but this time, all grown up and now continuing the DiMeo family farming tradition and legacy of growing the the best tasting blueberries in America. Grandpop DiMeo's pick-up truck is in this photo because Anthony DiMeo, Sr. was also a part of this photo shoot for a media publication which did a feature story on the DiMeo family blueberry farms in New Jersey that passed on from generation to generation of New Jersey blueberry growers working hard on the berry farm raising blueberries and blueberry bushes direct from expert blueberry growers.

 When growing blueberries, DiMeo tries to focus not only on growing the largest blueberries but, the best tasting blueberry plant varieties. We seek a healthy blueberry that has a nice size, good taste and an overall great blueberry flavor. Blueberries that are picked for fresh and frozen markets are immediately taken to a blueberry packing house and shipped all over the world. Our large DiMeo blueberries fill lots of pints and 12 pint blueberry crates, making our DiMeo blueberry plant customers successful with the best blueberry yields per acre. Here are expert blueberry farmers, 90 year-old Anthony DiMeo, Sr. and his first grandson, Anthony DiMeo III checking mature blueberry bushes in Hammonton blueberry fields.

Sometimes home gardener blueberry plant customers drive (or fly) out to tour our DiMeo family blueberry farms and buy blueberry plants farmer-direct from our blueberry bush nurseries in New Jersey, they get an opportunity to take a quick tour of one of the DiMeo family's blueberry packing houses. Below are two of our happy DiMeo blueberry plant customers (mother and daughter) who drove hours, down from upstate New York to tour our blueberry plant nurseries and buy 4' foot tall, bearing-size big 3 year old blueberry bushes to start organic blueberry farms in New York. During their DiMeo customer tour, they got a closer look at DiMeo blueberries on one of the blueberry packing machine inspection belts at IBF in Hammonton, New Jersey which is the blueberry capital of the world.

We hope to help you discover sustainable dark healthy berries, blueberries and other super berries with health benefits such as Aronia black chokeberries. We will give you blueberry growing tips, sell you nostalgic blueberry farm antiques and safe home grown blueberry farming techniques and other inspiring ways to celebrate the farm spirit at your home just like these happy DiMeo Blueberry Farms customers did when they came to to tour our New Jersey blueberry farm in Hammonton. We greatly appreciate your business and invite you to visit our operation (by appointment) so we can show you our higher quality large 4' foot tall blueberry bushes on sale for only $10.

"Growing blueberries and caring for blueberry plants is something I have done since my grandfather and father started teaching me when I was only about 12 years old. It is an honor to carry forward my family's legacy and tradition of using old fashioned blueberry farming methods."


"Legacy of Blueberries" magazine article that features fourth generation blueberry farmer Anthony DiMeo III and his work to carry forward the American blueberry growing legacy his grandfather and great-grandfather started, with DiMeo's pick your own blueberry farms in New Jersey, which will offer PYO blueberries as well as serve as a farm wedding venue in New Jersey. He will also host private events, corporate retreats, reunions and other special events at the DiMeo family blueberry farms in Hammonton. We also teach our blueberry nursery customers for free and coach them on how to establish their very own pick your own blueberry farm or agri-tourism farm in their community. Call us now: (609) 561-5905 so we can teach you how to care for blueberries and get into the high demand blueberry market.

"We work hard on our New Jersey family farms to cultivate exceptional, Non-GMO ultra premium, organic blueberry plants, large mature blueberry bushes, long-term happy DiMeo blueberry plant nursery customers and expert berry farmer solutions to optimize the success of our berry plant customers in commercial blueberry fields, home blueberry gardens, pick your own blueberry farms, edible landscape designs, or backyard blueberry gardens from all across America."

Fourth generation blueberry farmer Anthony DiMeo III and girlfriend Helene of DiMeo's Retail & Wholesale Blueberry Bush Nursery who sponsored the Annual Red, White & Blueberry Festival in Hammonton, New Jersey. The Hammonton blueberry festival can draw thousands of blueberry lovers to "the blueberry capital of the world" Hammonton, New Jersey. Our blueberries farm has happy DiMeo blueberry plant customers from all across America who drive (or fly) out to visit our family blueberry plant nursery to meet with a DiMeo blueberry farmer to buy blueberry plants, thornless raspberry plants, thornless blackberry plants, aronia black chokeberry plants, cranberry plants and other super fruit berry plants for sale at only $10 each by DiMeo's pick your own blueberry farms in New Jersey which also features our farmer-direct organic berry plant nursery operation. CALL NOW: (609) 561-5905 to arrange a visit or book a farm wedding at our new agri-tourism farm which can give you great farm wedding ideas as we are the perfect farm wedding venue in New Jersey for you to host your wedding surrounded by blueberry fields and in the heart of the New Jersey Pinelands region.

Giving Back to Kids & Community

The DiMeo blueberry farming family and it's berry farmers believe in giving back, so when kids came knocking at our door and needed a financial sponsor, we proudly sponsored the soccer team. If you have a children's group, activity or charity, please let us know because at the end of every blueberry season, we love to "share the harvest" with supporting a good causes. Always a pleasure to give back.

When a phone call came in from a counselor in the city that told us about her children's group of troubled youth that need to get out of the city for a day and get their hands dirty on the farm to learn about healthy eating and living, Anthony DiMeo III made time to spend with the kids, including a tour of the farm and having a motivational discussion on "the value of a hard days work on the farm." He also gave each of them a free blueberry bush to take home to their families in the City of Philadelphia.

We often let children's groups pick blueberries for free. This children's learning center was teaching the kids where food comes from and about growing their own berries at home, so when the talk turned to "blueberries" one name came to mind, DiMeo Farms. They called us and it was a pleasure to let the kids pick blueberries all morning. The children had such a great time picking organic blueberries and we took time to teach them about the health benefits of blueberries and why they should try to eating healthy berries instead of candy or other junk food. This is where it all starts, with our children eating better a younger age. If you would like to book a farm field trip call us now: (609) 561-5905 for details.

Appreciating Maximino Guzman's Hard Work
81 year-old Maximino Guzman, a migrant farm worker, who worked for Grandpop DiMeo at our family's blueberry farm for almost 30 years, recently came into our lives once again. One Sunday afternoon, his daughter called DiMeo and said they were on their way, driving down to the DiMeo farm. She said her father was sick with cancer and that her father "Maximino" wanted to "walk the DiMeo farm just one more time" while he still could. He was greeted by Mr. DiMeo's grandson, Anthony DiMeo III who spent an hour with him walking him around the DiMeo's farm and listening to his stories. His daughter translated. When Maximino saw Grandpop DiMeo's old truck parked along one of our blueberry nurseries, he began to cry and went to sit on the truck tailgate. Then, Anthony sat next to him for this picture. Maximino is truly great man. It was such a pleasure to spend that Sunday afternoon with him listening to his stories about his many years working for our DiMeo family. God bless him.
"I FEEL ALIVE AND HAPPY HERE" said, 81 year-old Maximino Guzman, who worked for Grandpop DiMeo for almost 30 years. He worked in the below old DiMeo blueberry field decades ago. He walked the blueberry fields with tears in his eyes. He said how it was hard work planting blueberry plants on the farm and that Grandpop DiMeo was a hard worker, but a very good man to work for all those years. He said how much he respected him. Maximino also said that he was happy to see the DiMeo family's decades of hard work paying off with blueberries now in high demand. He said that, at the time, he couldn't find a job and that he went to Grandpop DiMeo who hired him and gave him a free place to live on the farm and never charged him a penny for any of his heat, electric or other utilities, for all those years. He said that allowed him to save money to support his daughter and eventually retire.

Celebrating Joseph DiMeo's 100th Birthday

The DiMeo blueberry farms family has been blessed with impressive longevity. Must be because they all ate so many healthy blueberries and a single glass of homemade Italian wine every day at lunch time. Anthony DiMeo, Sr's mother, Nancy DiMeo lived until she was 98 years-old. His aunt (Nancy DiMeo's sister, Concetta) lived until she was 103 years-old. His older brother Joseph DiMeo, Sr. who was born and raised on the DiMeo family berry farms in New Jersey, passed on at almost 101 years old. Grandmom Mildred "Millie" DiMeo just recently passed away at 97 years oldWatch the below video as the DiMeo family celebrated Joseph DiMeo's 100th birthday on the below memorable DiMeo family day together in Hammonton, New Jersey. God bless Uncle Joe. Watch him sing along with everyone.

The DiMeo blueberry farming family trusts their impressive longevity to healthy balanced diet on the family blueberry farms in Hammonton. Eating only fresh home grown organic blueberries and other organic berries that are safe as well as pesticide free and chemical free dark berries from Non-GMO berry plants like the DiMeo family grows and sells. The health benefits of blueberries and eating blueberries is incredible. Growing your own organic blueberries is knowing your berries and knowing where your berries come from. But moreso, knowing your safest, most reliable farmer... YOU. Instead of trusting blueberries from overseas. Rembember, that supermarkets and many produce brokers only care about blueberry shelf-life, meaning they will do, or spray, or fumigate blueberries with just about anything permitted by law...just so the blueberries last longer on grocery store shelves. This is exactly why you should learn how to grow your own blueberries not only to save money, but for better health benefits.

Conservation & Forest Preservation at DiMeo Farms

At DiMeo Blueberries we feel good about giving back to the land since it has been so good to us over the years. So this past year, we started planting all types of rare cedar trees along our blueberry farm fields in New Jersey. Along the wetlands areas we planted thousands of dollars in rare Atlantic White Cedar trees and along the highlands we planted other types of cedar trees to keep the forest alive and happy. Yes, love to see you planting blueberry bushes from our blueberry nursery but let's not forget the trees. We need to keep our local forests growing. Especially with all the development these days.

45 Year-Old DiMeo Blueberry Field Replanting

Our family has some blueberry fields over 50 years old. DiMeo blueberry bushes often live a long time before losing productivity. WATCH BELOW VIDEO of second generation DiMeo blueberry farmer Michael DiMeo, Sr. (83 years old) replanting a field of old DiMeo blueberry bushes he planted over 45 years ago. He decided to start replanting blueberries in his blueberry fields during early fall planting season after the blueberry harvest was complete. He loves working on the family blueberry farm. Just a few blueberry plants are removed, here and there, depending on which blueberry bushes he feels need to be replaced. He is not replanting the entire blueberry field, just select blueberry bushes. This is done every year to keep the blueberry field acreage as productive as possible. You don't need a hoe machine like this unless you have many acres of blueberries that you need to plant. They are cheap to rent.

Free DiMeo Blueberry Farmer Consulting & Tips

With 100 years of blueberry growing experience and four generations of REAL blueberry farming experience, you will be in good hands as our farmer(s) teach you how to plant blueberries for your own blueberry farms. Look at our DiMeo Farms Facebook profile with over 42,251 happy DiMeo blueberry plant customers or supporters, some who drove (or flew) out from across the world. Not just to personally visit our DiMeo family farm or nursery operation, but to learn how to grow blueberries from the pros and get faster production results from REAL blueberry experts. We take our DiMeo customers from blueberry planting steps A to Z. Of course we do not charge our blueberry plant customers for advice when they buy blueberry bushes from us and become a customer. But if you are just looking for expert blueberry farmer consulting, DIMEO is your #1 choice. Give us a call now to ask questions: (609) 561-5905 as we prefer phone calls to e-mails. These many YouTube videos are just a small taste of the value we offer. Publicly traded companies have us on retainer as expert blueberry grower consultants.

How to Cultivate Blueberries in New Jersey

Many of our DiMeo customers ask us how to cultivate blueberries using the best old fashioned farming methods for both draining blueberries and working the blueberry soil to reduce weed growth and increase blueberry plant vigor. Some ask "what causes that ridge" the blueberry plants sit on, well here is the answer... over time, as the blueberry bushes grow, you go up and down the blueberry field row in 2nd gear (high) and throw dirt up around the blueberry bushes. Commercial blueberry growers use this special "side winder disk" once a year for cultivation along with other special blueberry farm implements that we can tell you where to buy at our discount prices. We not only have time tested blueberry farming and best blueberry growing methods that work, but we can get you just about any equipment at our cost.   

 Pruning Blueberry Bushes After Blueberry Season

Our professional DiMeo blueberry farmers can even teach you how to prune blueberry bushes properly after blueberry harvest is completed. There is a old fashioned blueberry pruning method to trimming blueberry bushes to increase blueberry crop yield per acre and maintain strong hardy blueberry bush growth that will produce more pounds of blueberries per acre. WATCH VIDEO BELOW of the DiMeo's trimming blueberry bushes in this video on how to care for blueberries after the annual blueberry harvest. Notice the 9' foot wide blueberry field rows, so when the 6' foot brush hog goes down the row, it has 1.5' clearance on either side. Notice blueberry bushes are 2.5' foot apart, yes our family plants them "that close" because thats proper planting for a commercial blueberry farm, and we also recommend that spacing for pick your own blueberry farms. Spacing blueberry bushes farther apart will not increase yield or productivity as some think it will. If you are homeowner who just wants to plant blueberry bushes in your backyard, of course you can space them farther apart with no problems.

Restoring An Old Farm for Pick Your Own Organic Blueberries

Look for new blueberry farm land for sale if you do not have existing farm land to grow blueberries. WATCH VIDEO BELOW on farm preparation at the restoration of an old grown-up farm into our new pick your own organic blueberry farms in New Jersey. Let an expert DiMeo blueberry farmer teach you how to start a new pick your own blueberry farm. We can teach you from step one, blueberry farm land clearing for growing blueberries to blueberry field soil amendment preparation. There are many ways to care for blueberries properly used old fashioned methods and to start planting blueberries with DiMeo's expert guidance. We help our blueberry bush customers restore old farms the old fashioned way. Let us teach you at no cost. Just buy blueberry bushes from us and you get all the advice, guidance and coaching for free. DiMeo cares about our forests and trees, so if we ever have to knock down a tree, we try to plant two (2) new replacement trees on another project. We highly encourage local reforestation programs to our customers.

Starting Your Own Blueberry Farm or Berry Patch 

As a DiMeo blueberry plant customer, we will happily guide you through proper blueberry farm land selection and teach you what to look for before you purchase new farm land for growing blueberries. With an expert DiMeo blueberry farmer, you are in the right hands. We restored an old grown-up farm property to start a new pick your own organic blueberry farm and agri-tourism family center as an example for our customers. We want you to be successful growing your own blueberries and see our DiMeo blueberry farming family cleaning a new blueberry farm properties to be restored into successful pick your own organic blueberry farms in New Jersey with properly amended soil for blueberries resulting in higher blueberry yield per acre. Now the fourth generation of "America's first family of blueberries", now continue growing New Jersey blueberries. Watch video of second generation expert blueberry farmer Michael DiMeo, Sr. working with fourth generation DiMeo farmer to prepare blueberry plant order for our happy DiMeo wholesale blueberry plants customers at Mike's DiMeo blueberry bush nursery in New Jersey.

Replacing & Replanting Old Blueberry Bushes

If you have an old blueberry farm and want to learn how to plant blueberries or how to replant blueberry bushes, we can teach you the right way to replant blueberry fields. Many people don't know this, but if you read the fine print "replacing or replanting old blueberry bushes" falls under USDA Tree Assistance Program which means (if you qualify) they will pay you to replace old blueberry bushes on your property. For decades, our DiMeo family has been re-planting blueberries as the productive blueberry fields age. In the video below you will see our family re-planting blueberry plants at a 40 year-old blueberry farm field that needed to be replanted. You might be surprised just how hard Mike DiMeo, Sr. "cuts back" his blueberry re-plants, but its what he recommends. The new blueberry bushes should be cut back for proper transplanting of blueberry plants to minimize transplant shock. WATCH VIDEO BELOW and listen to the old-fashioned DiMeo blueberry re-planting method. Notice not to plant blueberry bushes too deeply when planting blueberries or re-planting blueberry bushes like these shown on Mr. DiMeo's old blueberry farm fields right after blueberry season.


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