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DiMeo Farms & Blueberry Plants Nursery

3101 Nesco Road
Hammonton, New Jersey 08037


(609) 561-5905

MAP to our gorgeous family blueberry farm and blueberry plants nursery with ultra-heavy bearing 3 year-old ORGANIC, Non-GMO, Heirloom, CERTIFIED blueberry bushes. Only $10. We continue Great Grandpop DiMeo's 102 year-old legacy of growing the best tasting blueberries in America. Happy customer photos and out-of-state customer traveling tips below. Our DECEMBER 2018 hours are by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Monday thru Saturday 10AM to 5PM. Closed on Sunday for day of rest. Call now to get fast shipping quote or schedule same day pick-up appointment. Our properties are like our amazing organic blueberry plants, simply beautiful and well cared for. We greatly appreciate your business.

These happy kids below came to buy Organic, Non-GMO, Heirloom blueberry bushes, strawberry plants, raspberry plants and thornless blackberry plants after their parents were referred to us by their neighbors. We greatly appreciate your blueberry plants business. Remember, we also have BIG bearing-size cranberry bushes for sale as well as aronia berry plants. The word is out that we have the most beautiful, BIG bearing $10 blueberry plants for sale farmer-direct from our family blueberry farm which is also a nationally popular blueberry plants nursery that ships the best blueberry plants all across America. It's no wonder why parents take their kids to a place they love. CALL NOW (609) 561-5905 and we will take care of you. All of our $10 bearing berry plants are ready to fruit in Summer 2019.

Four generations of DiMeo blueberry farmers are proud of our family blueberry farm and blueberry plants garden center and sell BIG bearing 3 year-old $10 blueberry bushes and 1.5 year-old $1.95 starter blueberry plants direct to organic blueberry gardeners, backyard blueberry growers, edible fruit tree landscapers, speciality fruit wineries, commercial blueberry growers and pick your own blueberry farms all across America. Pick-up hours are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY because we want to have an opportunity to prepare your order in advance. This way we can have you quickly loaded as soon as you pull in our main driveway. We have over 100 years of DiMeo family blueberry growing experience and organic blueberry gardeners from all across America choose DiMeo Farms. Just like these happy customers, a family who drove hours from upstate New York just to buy blueberry plants from us.


You can fly in to either Philadelphia or Atlantic City International airports, and rent a 26' U-Haul box truck and drive it back home. This way you can visit our agritourism operation, plus we can give you FREE blueberry planting tips or coaching with REAL blueberry farmers. The Hammonton U-Haul box truck dealer is only 3 miles from our South Jersey fruit farm. While you are here picking up blueberry bushes at our farm, you can also visit Atlantic City which is only 25 mins East of our location. You can enjoy a nice weekend of fun at an one of the Atlantic City casinos. We highly recommend The Borgata and staying at Water Club at The Borgata for the most enjoyable stay in New Jersey. This customer below had his shipper drive almost 12 hours just to pick-up our beautiful DiMeo blueberry plants, so he could start his own little pick your own blueberry farm and roadside fruit stand business..


You can visit cool historical sites like Batsto Village which is literally just down the road from our family blueberry farm. Batsto Village is a fun historic place for you to take a nice beautiful walk along the lake and tour the old general store, old Batsto houses or walk along the Batsto hiking trails. You can learn the great Pine Barrens story behind this historic New Jersey village with a gorgeous Batsto lake perfect for taking family pictures. These two sisters, photoed below, were so excited to buy DiMeo blueberry bushes then, they went to enjoy historic Batsto Village with their dad for father-daughter day together. This is what we love, getting kids to appreciating nature and learning how to grow organic berries at home in their own backyard. Also, they get to enjoy a day out with their family. Look how beautiful and healthy our CERTIFIED blueberry plants are. Only a $10 investment, for a lifetime of free organic blueberries.

 Enjoy a canoe or kayak adventure in the beautiful New Jersey Pinelands forest region. You can go canoeing or kayaking in New Jersey on the Wading or Oswego Rivers. This beautiful New Jersey Pine Barrens nature tour is just minutes away at Mick's Canoe and Kayak Rental. You can enjoy a day of kayaking in New Jersey rivers. The owners at Mick's Canoe are friends of the DiMeo family, so make sure to let them know that DiMeo Farms sent you and maybe they can give you a special rate. They have the best canoe trips in New Jersey. Families love to bring their kids to buy BIG bearing $10 blueberry bushes from DiMeo's Blueberry Farm because they are so many family fun things to do in South Jersey, just like this couple who wanted to teach their kids to grow their own healthy Non-GMO, organic berries with our amazing thornless raspberry plants, thornless blackberry plants and strawberry plants.



Atlantic City Expressway heading EAST toward Atlantic City, take Exit 28. Once you get off Exit 28, make a LEFT at stop sign onto Route 54 NORTH. Take Route 54 (North) up through our Town of Hammonton as Route 54 (North) will become Bellevue Avenue as you get into town. Go over the railroad tracks, through Town of Hammonton and drive through a small residential area. Then you will come to a "V" in the road. Stay to your RIGHT and go to intersection of White Horse Pike (Route 30) and Route 206 North. Go STRAIGHT at the traffic light only about 100 feet and make an IMMEDIATE RIGHT behind the Rite Aid Pharmacy onto Rizzotte Drive (which is very short road, only about 200 feet long) Now that you are behind the Rite Aid Pharmacy and on Rizzotte Drive, make a LEFT at the stop sign onto Middle Road. Wal Mart should now be on your right hand side. Go down Middle Road exactly 1.2 miles and then make a RIGHT onto LAUREL AVENUE which is just past the big old antique tractor with red wheels.

Take LAUREL AVENUE and STAY LEFT at the fork in the road. Keep going down Laurel Avenue past all the blueberry fields and blue farm labor housing buildings until you come to a stop sign. Make a RIGHT at the stop sign onto Columbia Road. Go down Columbia Road about 1/2 mile till you come to another stop sign. LOOK STRAIGHT AHEAD AND YOU WILL SEE DIMEO FARMS with three-rail, white horse fence around it, large grass area (for outdoor farm weddings) and white barn building with green roof and cupola on top with vintage roster weathervane. Now make a LEFT turn at the stop sign and drive only about 200' feet and then make a RIGHT into the big 30' main center gate. If our main center gate is closed, just park in front of the gate and call (609) 561-5905 for someone to let you in. If you are making a delivery with a large truck or tractor trailer, PLEASE do NOT attempt to squeeze into any of our smaller "side" gates as they are only 14' wide and you can damage our gates or horse fence. Only use the main 30' wide center gate. If that gate is closed, just park on the side of the road along our white fence, and then call the farmer.

Our main DiMeo Blueberry Farm gate at this particular DiMeo farm property, leads back to our bearing-size blueberry plants, large blueberry bushes, pick your own blueberry farm and rustic farm wedding venue location. Pull down the main driveway and park your vehicle right in the middle of the driveway, between the two orange cones. If you are having trouble with directions, just enter our above address into this online map finder to get detailed directions.


We literally have blueberry plant customers who fly in from all across the world and some who even sign long term expert blueberry consultant contracts with our blueberry farmers for $5,000 a month just to give the client expert advice on the blueberry industry via Skype. Just like these two investors who flew in from India because they heard about DiMeo Blueberry Plants from one of their contacts in India. We also had a CEO from a publicly traded company fly over from England to consult with Farmer DiMeo. After touring our DiMeo family farm operation, he formally retained Mr. DiMeo with a $5,000 a month, multi-year retainer as an expert blueberry farming advisor and consultant on the blueberry industry. Once you become our customer and make a purchase, we can give you free expert tips and advice.


People from all around the world recognize that DiMeo Farms doesn't just sell ultra-premium blueberry plants online for mail order, or blueberry bushes shipped to your door for less, but we are an actual successful family blueberry farm with not only higher quality retail and wholesale blueberry plants at the lowest prices, but it's the fact that we can provide a REAL EXPERT in the blueberry industry, who can discuss growing blueberries, planting blueberries, fertilizing blueberries, watering blueberries, cultivating blueberries and all of the little details or running a blueberry farm. The two men below flew in from the country of Turkey to make a deal to buy DiMeo blueberry plants and consult with a DiMeo blueberry farmer, like our fourth generation blueberry grower (shown center) who has been exposed to the blueberry industry for most of his entire life. He started working on his family's blueberry farm when he was just 12 years old, and by the time he was only 16 years old, he was running his grandfather's farm with his father.

Just a friendly reminder to all DiMeo berry plant customers, that all items, bearing-size berry plants, old wooden blueberry crates or any other berry farm or roadside fruit farm market produce must be 100% PAID FOR IN FULL before leaving our family blueberry farm, u-pick berry farm, blueberry tree garden center, roadside fruit farm stand or any other DiMeo farm properties. We love helping families grow blueberries with heirloom blueberry bushes all all types of other variety berry plants like these happy DiMeo's Blueberry Farm customers below who drove hours after they heard about us from friends who told them how healthy and beautiful our ultra-premium blueberry bushes are. This is what its all about, teaching your children and loved ones to eat healthier and make healthier eating choices with growing your own organic blueberries for good health and longer healthier life.

As always, we sincerely THANK YOU for your blueberries plants business. We greatly appreciate it and look foward to a long term relationship like we have with these featured happy DiMeo Farms customers who drove (or flew) out to visit our New Jersey blueberry farms. We encourage you to do the same. Come and see the higher quality of our blueberry trees on sale now for often lower prices direct from where the best tasting blueberries come from. Eating blueberries for health and longevity is what many of our customers do because they know that blueberries and also aronia black chokeberries are two great berry diets for you to fight cancer with berries that can lead to a longer and healthier life for you and your loved ones. Buy Blueberry Trees for Sale now at our fruit tree farm: (609) 561-5905.