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DiMeo Blueberry Farms & Organic Non-GMO Berry Bushes Nursery is a 100 year-old family blueberry farm and pick your own blueberry farm in New Jersey. Our family-oriented farm naturally grow the best CERTIFIED, big bearing-size, 3 year-old, multi-branched, ready to fruit blueberry bushes with no chemicals or pesticides. Our family also sells other Non-GMO organic berry bushes including: red raspberry bushes, aronia black chokeberry bushes, blackberry bushes, organic cranberry bushes, and organic grape vines. PLANT THIS FALL to enjoy blueberries in 2015. Order now to #1) secure current fall sale pricing #2) guarantee yourself fall inventory availability. Call now for mail order quote: (609) 561-5905 just like these happy DiMeo Farms customers on our Facebook page with 37,798 LIKES or like this father and daughter, who celebrated his two weeks post-heart surgery with a father-daughter road trip up from North Carolina. Check-out customer photos on our DiMeo Farms Twitter feed with countless customers who came out to visit our old-fashioned family farm in Hammonton, New Jersey.

All Season Blueberry Variety Pack for Blueberry Gardeners that Love Berry Gardening

Ask about "DiMeo's All Season Variety Pack" to harvest fresh blueberries all summer long. Our family blueberry farm of expert blueberry farmers will sell you ten (10) blueberry bushes that will harvest early, mid and late growing seasons. Giving you fresh, large, sweet blueberries ALL SUMMER LONG and saving you lots of money. Remember that 10 bushes is typically the average order per household, since we recommend at least 2 bushes per person per household. This way you will have enough blueberries to enjoy all year long. You can freeze the remaining berries to enjoy in berry smoothies, and all types of all natural treats. Below is a video example of exactly what DiMeo blueberry bushes look like AFTER BEING PICKED over 4 times already. To get a fifth picking like this, certainly speaks to the "ultra-heavy bearing" nature of our DiMeo blueberry plants now on sale by our DiMeo family blueberry farms and blueberry bushes nursery in New Jersey

With the DIMEO VARIETY PACK we offer the six (6) things that all home blueberry growers and master blueberry gardeners look for: #1) a nice extended blueberry growing and picking season all summer long #2) good cross pollination #3) big blueberries #4) sweet blueberries #5) flavorful "better tasting" blueberries #6) best blueberries for your blueberry growing zone. CALL NOW: (609) 561-5905 to get a quick quote. We supply countless home blueberry gardeners, commercial blueberry growers, edible landscaping with berries, berry wineries and pick your own blueberry farms across America. You are in good hands with DiMeo. Not only great organic blueberry bushes but, expert blueberry growing advice, like we gave to these happy DiMeo customers who drove out to personally tour DiMeo family blueberry farms and Non-GMO blueberry plant nurseries. And also this young couple who drove hours just to order blueberry bushes from DiMeo Farms

Depend on REAL old-fashioned blueberry farmer(s) for the best berry plant values, gardening advice and generous $10 sale prices for ULTRA-PREMIUM 3 year-old SUPER-HARDY, big bearing blueberry bushes. Below we feature Non-GMO Heirloom blueberry plant varieties. Our family owned blueberry farm and blueberry plant nursery sells over 32 blueberry varieties of large "ultra-heavy bearing" blueberry plants. Of course our inventory can always change, so call us first to check availability of what you are looking for. Buy certified, virus-tested, big bearing blueberry plants from a hard working farmer with a 100 year old family legacy of growing blueberries in New Jersey. Below video will illustrate why so many happy home blueberry gardeners, commercial blueberry growers and pick your own blueberry farms CHOOSE TO BUY DIMEO BLUEBERRY BUSHES. Look how loaded our family's blueberry fields are during blueberry season. This is what we mean when we say "ultra-heavy bearing" DiMeo blueberry bushes for sale at a much lower price than others who will likely mail you a little "twig in a box" unlike DiMeo's multi-branched berry bushes


3 Year-Old Non-GMO Organic Blueberry Bushes for Sale

Blueberries are one of the easiest super fruits berry to grow. You can enjoy fresh blueberry picking for 30 years or more with giant blueberry plants from DiMeo Blueberry Farms. Our 3 year old ultra-premium SUPER HARDY big bearing blueberry plants are easy to grow. Our family blueberry farms will provide you with free detailed blueberry planting and growing instructions and free REAL EXPERT blueberry farmer tips when you purchase our mature blueberry bushes. When you buy berry bushes from DiMeo Fruit Farms, we hand-dig almost every CERTIFIED blueberry plant from our blueberry plant nursery. Watch below and see that DiMeo blueberry bushes are by far the best choice that any backyard blueberry gardener or commercial blueberry grower can buy. No others have LOW PRICES like DiMeo does. We invite you to take a ride (or flight) out to visit our DiMeo family farm, just like these HAPPY DIMEO BLUEBERRY PLANT CUSTOMERS did. But for now, SEE the "DiMeo Difference" in this video which demonstrates our higher plant quality

Below is third generation EXPERT DiMeo blueberry farmer Michael DiMeo, Sr. in his blueberry plant nursery hand digging ultra-premium Non-GMO blueberry plants for one of his customers in late-November. Notice the blueberry plants turn beautiful vibrant colors in the fall and winter seasons which is perfect for edible landscaping ideas with blueberries plants on your property. Our beautiful healthy organic blueberry bushes will make a wonderful edible blueberry hedge row. Landscapers from all across America, call DiMeo Blueberry Farms to buy large blueberry bushes for their clients. Know where your food comes from by growing your own blueberries with DiMeo blueberry plants. Buy direct from DiMeo blueberry farms and SAVE MONEY instead of paying expensive landscaper prices for edible landscaping with organic berry plants straight from A. DiMeo's wholesale blueberry nursery. CALL NOW FOR A QUOTE: (609) 561-5905

Our old fashioned New Jersey family blueberry farms and Non-GMO organic blueberry bushes nurseries have over 100 year legacy of growing blueberries and (with all members of the DiMeo family combined) total 1,000 acres of DiMeo blueberries currently in production. Our farming family of four generations grows the BETTER TASTING BLUEBERRY PLANT VARIETIES for direct sale to home blueberry gardeners or commercial blueberry growers. DiMeo Blueberry Farms sells over 32 blueberry plant varieties but recommends the best "extended blueberry season variety pack" with top producing blueberry plant varieties for customers. DiMeo Farms has 3 year-old, multi-branched, ready to fruit, large blueberry bushes now on sale for only $10 each. Our super hardy blueberry bushes will bear fruit this season. Yes, WE CAN SHIP our ultra-premium blueberry plants direct to your door. CALL NOW: (609) 561-5905 to get a quote, then place a MAIL ORDER or schedule an appointment to pick-up direct at our New Jersey blueberry farm, like this wholesale blueberry plant customer did at Grandpop DiMeo's blueberry plant nursery. Notice we "hand pick" out only the best Non-GMO Heirloom organic blueberry plants for our customers and load the finest looking & well-shaped blueberry plants. This is why so many customers LOVE DiMeo Farms.

 Big Bearing Non-GMO Blueberry Plants for Sale

  • 1.5 year-old Blueberry Plants ($1.95) ON SALE (100 plant minimum) these are for select few home gardeners that want to start a small blueberry patch or pick your own blueberry farms businessYes, we can send you a nice mix of varieties for extended blueberry season. Most customers start off with 600 berry plants (1/2 acre) to 1200 berry plants (1 acre) of blueberry plants. You can start off with just 100. Great price. AVAILABLE FOR MAIL ORDERS or PICK-UP.
  • 3 year-old BIG Bearing Blueberry Bushes ($10.00) ON SALE (5 plant minimum) these are the beautiful multi-branched blueberry plants that home berry gardeners buy. They are perfect for home gardens. The average homeowner usually buys 10 plants. Many order more. Will fruit this summer. We have over 32 varieties available. Scroll BELOW for details. We can automatically give you a nice mix of blueberry varieties so you get fruiting all summer long, good cross-pollination, large berries not small, sweet berries not sour, berries of flavor, and the best blueberry varieties for your growing zone. AVAILABLE FOR MAIL ORDERS or PICK-UP at our blueberry nursery in New Jersey. Like these happy DiMeo customers did.

  • 6 to 8 year-old SUPER SIZE Mature Blueberry Bushes ($55.00) ON SALE (no minimum) Edible Landscapers love these for edible landscaping with blueberries. Our price is dirt cheap. No pun intended! These up to 6' foot SUPER-SIZE BLUEBERRY BUSHES are the "ROLLS ROYCE OF BLUEBERRY BUSHES by DiMeo Fruit Farms & Organic Berry Bush Nursery" they come in big burlap bags. Gorgeous. Volume discounts available. Hand-dug per order. These large berry bushes must be ordered well in advance with a good faith deposit put down.

DiMeo Blueberries Has Over 32 Big Bearing-Size Blueberry Varieties for Sale

Our New Jersey Fruit Farms & Berry Plant Nursery sells the best certified blueberry plants and other organic berry bushes. We specialize in shipping large New Jersey state inspected and virus-tested 100% natural certified blueberry bushes to home berry gardeners and commercial blueberry growers all across America. Our blueberry bushes will grow GIANT quarter-size, SWEET blueberries THIS SUMMER, if you plant now. We provide FREE detailed planting and blueberry growing instructions along with FREE blueberry farmer tips. They will help you with blueberry farm site selection, blueberry soil preparation, watering blueberries, mulching blueberries, fertilizing blueberries, harvesting blueberries and proper blueberry handling. DiMeo blueberry bushes are easy to grow as we are America's #1 source for blueberry bushes, just ask our customers who stand behind DiMeo blueberry bushes as "the best...from berry farmers who know what they are doing."

Our DiMeo Blueberry Farm & Blueberry Stock Nursery in New Jersey features America's #1 planted Highbush blueberry plant varieties to simplify your blueberry variety selection. Our intent is that you receive the highest quality blueberry plants. We dig your berry plants order only hours before we ship. DiMeo Fruit Farms sells over 32 different blueberry varieties but we feature the most popular Heirloom blueberry plant varieties as well as many others. With an over 100 year old-fashioned blueberry farming legacy and four generations in the field of growing fresh blueberries our goal is to provide our you with certified virus-disease freemore productive, ultra-heavy bearing blueberry plants from proven heavy bearing "mother stock" blueberry bush varieties in our family's blueberry fields. Below we simply suggest the THREE MOST POPULAR BLUEBERRY PLANT VARIETIES that not only top commercial blueberry growers love, but also our happy blueberry gardening customers love, just like this family who toured DiMeo Farms in Hammonton

BLUEBERRY PLANT VARIETY NOTE: Our DiMeo blueberry farm and blueberry nursery does not always list every single one of the 32+ possibly available blueberry plant varieties that we currently may have in stock because our inventory frequently changes. So, call: (609) 561-5905 if you seek a special blueberry variety. Chances are we may have it in stock. We have "better tasting" blueberry plant varieties to offer and many say the best tasting blueberry varieties to choose from at our New Jersey blueberry farms. The word is out about DiMeo's Non GMO Heirloom organic blueberry bushes and people LOVE them. The constantly refer their friends to DiMeo Farms.

 3 Year Old EARLY Season Blueberry Bushes for Sale
(early season blueberry varieties)

Duke blueberry plants are currently America's #1 planted EARLY season blueberry variety. It is known for it's high blueberry yields and high-quality BIG giant blueberries. A very strong SUPER-HARDY blueberry plant. Duke blueberries are known to grow the size of a nickel and up to quarter sice blueberries! Dukes are self-pollinating. They have good berry flavor and produce a nice firm berry even if the summer is a little rainy. During the fall season, you will enjoy beautiful red wine blueberry plant foliage even into winter. Duke blueberries grow upright to a height of about 4 to 6' feet tall. (of course you can easily trim to your desired plant height) Great for eating fresh blueberries, baking blueberries, blueberry preserves and freezing blueberries. Suggested number # of blueberry plants for family of four is 8-12 berry bushes. Remember, you are planting only 2.5' feet between each berry plant. Duke variety blueberry plants NOW ON SALE for only $10. This is what Duke blueberries look like in the field. Simply gorgeous berries.

OTHER EARLY BLUEBERRY VARIETIES: If you have a special early season blueberry plant variety that you would like to buy such as Hannah's Choice, Sierra, Earliblue, Reka, Spartan, Patriot, Northland, Bluejay, Bluetta or any others, just ask. We likely have them in our very extensive DiMeo blueberry plant nursery inventory. Call us now: (609) 561-5905, like this couple was so excited to buy DiMeo blueberry plants, they drove 14 hours from Florida after their friends highly recommended us for blueberry varieties such as Austin, Brightwell, Briteblue, Tifblue, Climax and Powerblue blueberries.


DiMeo Blueberry Farmer Tip for New Pick Your Own Blueberry Farms Start-Ups: In our experience, 85% of the pick your own blueberry farm business happens from early to mid-season because as you get later into summer, the public interest level usually drops as most Americans go on their final summer vacations and parents have to start getting kids ready to go back to school again. Interest level quickly drops.

Beautiful Red Fall Foliage Color of Blueberry Bushes

Below is an example of what mature blueberry bushes will look like in the fall season if used as an Edible Blueberry Bush Hedge Row on your property. Of course you can let them grow bigger and higher if you want, but the key is to just keep them trimmed to your desired height or size. When planting blueberry bushes for an edible blueberry hedge row, plant each blueberry bush 2.5' foot apart. The blueberry bush leaves will turn a beautiful vibrant red wine color in the fall. Just like this these did for Grandma Millie DiMeo's brother, Angelo. This blueberry fall foliage is simply spectacular and perfect if you want to enjoy blueberry fall colors on your property with blueberry bush fall foliage will last all winter with red branches.

Watch the below DiMeo Blueberry Farms & Organic Berry Plant Nurseries video on the berry farm which shows the giant quarter-size big blueberries on a large mature DiMeo blueberry bush. As you will see, our DiMeo blueberry plants are ultra-heavy blueberry producers that grow LARGER SWEET BLUEBERRIES from production quality blueberry plants. Few other blueberry plants are likely to give you big sweet blueberries like DiMeo blueberry bushes:

3 Year Old MID Season Blueberry Plants for Sale
(mid season blueberry varieties)

Bluecrop blueberries remain America's most popular mid-season into late season blueberry plant variety. An easy blueberry bush to grow, Bluecrop blueberry plants are known for their extreme blueberry plant hardiness, vigor and consistent high blueberry yields. Bluecrop blueberry plants produce large, firm sweet giant blueberries with excellent blueberry flavor. Ripens mid-blueberry season and will take you into late blueberry season. Vibrant red fall blueberry plant color. This blueberry plant variety is especially popular as it produces high blueberry yields of large, bright blueberries that are firm and grow in large clusters. The blueberry flavor is superb, fresh blueberries or frozen blueberries. The blueberry plant grows to a height of 4-6' feet tall. (once again, of course you can easily trim to desired height) Suggested number of blueberry plants for a family of FIVE is 10 blueberry bushes on SALE NOW for only $10. Large, multi-branched and ready to fruit. Speaking of families, they all bring their kids to DiMeo's who LOVE it here at our family farm.

OTHER MID BLUEBERRY BUSH VARIETIES: If you have another special mid-season to mid-late season blueberry plant variety you would like to buy, such as Cara's Choice, Sweetheart, Chandler, Chippewa, Elizabeth, Herbert, Northblue, Blueray, Atlantic, Toro, Hardyblue, Draper, Little Giant, Bluegold, Rubel, Berkeley or others -  just call to ask: (609) 561-5905. We may likely have it in our DiMeo family blueberry bush nursery inventory as we are a leader in the blueberry industry. Many DiMeo customers pick up in winter because they know we can sell out during Spring. We feel that this speaks loudly for the quality of our bearing size blueberry bushes that people sometimes drive hours just to buy from DiMeo

3 Year Old LATE Season Blueberry Bushes for Sale
(late season blueberry varieties)

Everyone knows that New Jersey has the best tasting blueberries. Jersey blueberry plants are one of the oldest and most dependable blueberry plant varieties. They grow well in most types of soil, producing conistent fruit yields of very sweet blueberries. It is a late-season blueberry plant variety that is easy to grow, high-yielding, and one of the most widely grown blueberry varieties. The blueberries on a Jersey blueberry plant are medium blue in color, are firm and have a sweet blueberry flavor. A vigorous and well-shaped blueberry bush for edible landscaping or just enjoying in the blueberry garden. Suggested number of blueberry plants for a family of four is 8-12 blueberry plants. NOW ON SALE for only $10 each. Customers line up to pick them up in Spring.

OTHER LATE BLUEBERRY BUSH VARIETIES: If you have another special late season blueberry plant variety you would like to buy such as Darrow, Liberty, Elliott, Aurora, Brigitta, Legacy or others -  just call to ask: (609) 561-5905. We likely have it in our berry nursery inventory.

Heirloom Blueberry Bush Varieties for Sale

Enjoy, reminisce, or experience the tantalizing tastes of forgotten old-fashioned blueberry flavors. Plant a bit of blueberry history that takes you back in time to your childhood. Ask us today about our heirloom blueberry plant varieties. We have them in all sizes of blueberry plants plants. Of course, you can take a ride out (or fly out) to pick-them up at the farm, or just have us ship them direct to your door for a fair low price. Here are more happy DiMeo blueberry plant customers who picked up Heirloom blueberry bushes direct from DiMeo's blueberry nursery. They wanted Heirloom multi-branched blueberry plants with BIG HEALTHY root systems like these berry plants at our DiMeo heirloom organic blueberry plant nursery in New Jersey. We helped this happy DiMeo customer who is fighting cancer. Her only Mother's Day wish was to plant Non GMO organic blueberry bushes with her daughter (wearing her mothers locket) as a mother-daughter day together.

Giant Mature Blueberry Bushes for Sale

If you can't wait to harvest loads of fresh giant organic blueberries at home, blueberry garden or berry farm, then consider our current blueberry bush special. We are offering Fully mature blueberry bushes that are up to 6' foot tall, hand-dug per order and ready to plant now. Enjoy fragrant white wedding bell shape blooms in spring; tasty sweet, healthy big blueberries in summer with spectacular red wine color foliage and ornamental red branches in winter season. Speaking of which, below is a winter photo at one of our home grower pick-up blueberry plant nurseries. You can come and pick up these 8 year-old giant 6' foot tall mature blueberry bushes for only $55 each by DiMeo Fruit Farms & Blueberry Bush Nursery. We have a very limited number of these huge blueberry bushes available. Check out this photo to see the large blueberry bushes we dug during in winter for one of our repeat customers. Remember these SUPER-HARDY beautiful blueberry bushes were all tied up in this DiMeo blueberry farm photo and it was Spring at our blueberry bush nursery in New Jersey

Take pleasure in growing your own natural blueberries at home and avoid outrageous blueberry prices in grocery stores. Buy our FULLY MATURE GIANT 8-12 YEAR-OLD 6' TALL BLUEBERRY BUSHES FOR EDIBLE LANDSCAPING OR YOUR HOME & BERRY GARDEN for instant gratification at its best. Here is a look at our large mature blueberry bushes. This order was prepared for a landscaper for edible landscaping with blueberries but, we will sell direct to you as as homeowner so you can save money with DiMeo Blueberry Farms in New Jersey. Call now: (609) 561-5905 for a quote. 

Old Wooden Blueberry Crates for Sale

At DiMeo Fruit Farms & Berry Plant Nursery we love to recycle the past. It just feels good. We have a limited number of hand-nailed antique wooden fruit farm crates for sale at our family blueberry farm. For these VERY RARE old farm treasures we are asking only $10 each. You can pick up these old wooden fruit boxes at the farm or we will ship anywhere in America. Just ask us for a quote on our antique blueberry crates. Look at the cool crate shelves you can make with them as featured in Country Living Magazine. Super cool shelf design ideas with lots of farm history behind them.

Watch below video as we give you a peek at our limited inventory of old DiMeo blueberry crates. These are not only used in the backyard home garden by our customers, but also have been used by interior designers, artists and even high-end clothing stores. Lots of possibilities with these old farm crates. Approximate measurements: 19" long x 14" wide x 5" deep. These are the only crates we have for sale right now. Once again, these are $10 each if you pick them up at our farm. If we have to ship them to you, they will be much more, with all shipping and handing included since they are large and we have to pay "balloon rates" to ship. Minimum order of six (6) antique crates order. Below is a photo of a restaurant in New York City who removed a board from each of the old blueberry crates and then made crate shelving out of them. Call now: (609) 561-5905 for a quote.

Since so many people ask about these old farm crates and boxes for sale, we added this video below of us featuring the crates and showing you measurements and all the details to answer many of the questions we get on an almost daily basis about these rare treasures. We don't have many left, so act now to reserve your old cedar blueberry crates so that you can let history live on and recycle the past. We highly encourage you pick them up or have someone pick them up for you to save money.

Order Large Blueberry Bushes NOW and Grow Your Own Organic Blueberries. Now is the perfect time to buy ultra-premium bearing size blueberry plants from DiMeo Blueberry Farms for only $10. Tell all your friends, family and co-workers about our Non-GMO organic blueberry bushes. For the best value, low blueberry plant prices and highest quality...Depend on DiMeo blueberry farmers at DiMeo Fruit Farms & Berry Plant Nursery in "the blueberry capital of the world" Hammonton, New Jersery. We have the most blueberry growing experience and home blueberry gardeners stand behind DiMeo, just like this retired nurse who drove hours because she heard about our blueberry bushes

Large Mature Blueberry Bushes on Sale

Watch DiMeo Fruit Farms video below which will show you some of the beautiful super-size large mature 4-6' ft tall blueberry bushes that we hand-dug for one of our satisfied DiMeo Farms berry plant customers who was starting his own pick your own blueberry farm business. As you will see, our gorgeous super-hardy big blueberry bushes will be prepared as shown below when you pick-up at DiMeo Blueberry Farms. Call us now for a quote: (609) 561-5905. Many of our customers love to edible landscape with blueberry bushes for sale by DiMeo Blueberry Farms. Did you know that top edible berry landscapers from across the country buy blueberry bushes from DiMeo Fruit Farms. Buy direct from DiMeo Farms and save money! These are gorgeous giant 4-6' foot tall blueberry bushes that will add great value to your property. Truly a great property investment idea.


How DiMeo Fruit Farms Makes Non-GMO Blueberry Plants
(the old-fashioned way, not from "lab grown" or tissue culture plants)

The DiMeo's naturally propagate (make) our ultra-premium Non-GMO blueberry plants the OLD FASHIONED WAY from only the best hardwood harvested from only our hardiest "proven to be heavy bearing" production grade blueberry bushes. This is one of the many reasons why our DiMeo blueberry plants bear more pounds of blueberries, are MORE HARDY and an overall stronger blueberry plant than any others! Watch video below and see how we make our blueberry plants the old fashioned way. Keep in mind this video of these smaller "starter blueberry plants" is for wholesale blueberry plant buyers or commercial blueberry growers, not home blueberry growers (who should buy 3 year-olds instead), but we are posting this video to show you the high quality of DiMeo berry plants from the beginning. DISREGARD THE MINIMUM ORDER AS STATED ON BELOW VIDEO AS IT HAS NOW BEEN REDUCED to only 100 plants per our current SALE offer. ASK FOR DETAILS.

Did you know that almost 95% of our competitors propagate (make or buy) their blueberry plants in (or from) a lab from SLOW GROWING soft tissue culture? Yes, they make blueberry plants in a lab with a chemists and the ones that don't make them in a lab, buy them from big companies who mass produce blueberry plants in labs. Would your grandfather buy blueberry plants that were made in a lab? We don't think so. Keep it natural with DiMeo Fruit Farms & Berry Plant Nurseries - the way our great-grandfather did and how your grandfather would have likely done in his own backyard berry garden. DiMeo Blueberry Farms can help you START YOUR OWN PICK YOUR OWN BLUEBERRY FARM and give you the RIGHT ADVICE from real experienced blueberry farmers on how to properly set-up, plant your own pick-your-own blueberry field in your community. Watch this YouTube video on one of our sample blueberry fields in New Jersey:


START A SUCCESSFUL PICK YOUR OWN BLUEBERRY FARM & ROADSIDE FRUIT STAND in your local community. Pick your own blueberry farms combined with farmers markets or roadside fruit stand businesses are very profitable. Yes, even in this current weak economy. Our happy DiMeo blueberry plant nursery customers are report selling locally fresh blueberries (and other super berries) from $2.95 lb up to $6.79 lb and getting it easily for local grown organic blueberries. Turn your property into a profit making blueberry farm investment. We even coach our customers on how to make their own roadside blueberry fruit stands, like this one that we take to all the Hammonton blueberry festival. You can do the same. Watch the DiMeo's in action at the Hammonton Red, White & Blueberry Festival where our countless repeat berry plant nursery customers came out to support DiMeo Farms. The blueberry festival one of the ways we like to give back.

Locally Grown Blueberries Starts at Home with Edible Berry Bushes Landscaping in Your Backyard
Plant more of our "super fruit" organic berry plants to enjoy fresh fruit eating for more than 6  months of the year. DiMeo Fruit Farms & Berry Plant Nurseries are edible landscaping specialists! We work with landscapers across the country, but will sell direct to you for less Growing fresh organic berries is not just a way of cost saving, assuring an abundance of fresh, delicious and colorful fruit, but it's also an easy way to add beauty and interest to your landscape. Cane planting such as blackberries and raspberries will climb fences and trellises and become a lovely ornamental fruiting hedge. They will also burst with bright colors in the spring just before bearing fresh healthy fruits! Below are some of our other "super berry" plants that we now carry. Below happy customers of ours understand that growing your own fresh organic berries, you will not only SAVE MONEY but you will MAKE MONEY by investing in berry plants, which is one of the best investments you can make.

Raspberry Bushes for Sale
Our DiMeo Fruit Farms & Raspberry Plant Nursery grows only the best organic raspberry plants that will grow loads of deliciously plump, sweet, juicy raspberries. Enjoy higher quality organic raspberry plants for only $10. Our super-hardy raspberry plants are READY TO FRUIT THIS SUMMER and will give you a nice extended raspberry season and fruit all summer long. All of our ultra-premium raspberry plants are freshly dug from our raspberry plant nursery only hours before they are to be shipped or picked up at our raspberry farm. Our reliable red raspberry plant varieties include, but are not limited to: Boyne, Chilcoten, Killarney, Encore, Latham, Lauren, Nova, Prelude, Taylor, Autumn Bliss, Jaclyn, Polana, Caroline, Heritage, Josephine, and many more. Minimum order 5 raspberry plants. The average homeowner orders 10 raspberry plants for a family of 4 people. Wholesale raspberry plants available. We also offer the sweetest varieties of black raspberry plants. Our most popular black raspberry plants produce excellent yields of superb-quality sweet big black raspberries. The fruit is glossy black in color, a large size and has a rich raspberry flavor. Our black raspberry plant varieties may include, but are not limited to: Allen, Black Hawk, Huron, Munger, Bristol Black, Jewel Black and Mac Black. All of our raspberry plant stock is from virus tested mother stock and is produced to meet the highest standards. Watch this video below and see an order of wholesale black raspberry plants we prepared for one of our countless repeat DiMeo raspberry plants customers:
Thornless Blackberry Bushes for Sale
 We have thornless raspberry plants and thornless blackberry plants for sale as well at our berry plant nursery. For those of you that have little children, then this is the option for you. We have lots of other thornless berry plants for sale -- just ask. These are ready to fruit this summer. You can pick these up at the farm or we will ship direct to your door. We have bearing size thornless blackberry plants for sale as well as our 3 year-old bearing thornless raspberry plants now on sale for only $10 bucks each for large plants in 3 gallon pots -- thornless blackberry plants for sale at our blackberry plant nursery
 Aronia Black Chokeberry Bushes for Sale
Fresh Aronia has so much to offer the home berry gardener. The aronia berry (also known as the aronia black chokeberry) is a very close cousin of the blueberry. Aronia black chokeberries are now known for the fact that they have 3 times the amount of high antioxidants than even blueberries and amazing health benefits of Aronia! Aronia berries are dark pigmented berries that are extremely high in antioxidants. Aronia berries are even higher in antioxidants than blueberries, higher than cranberries, higher, even, than pomegranates. This happy DiMeo customer heard about our Aronia Nursery and brought down her daughters to buy aronia and blueberry bushes from our farm.
Aronia juice has been known to help people with heart conditions. Our aronia black chokeberry bushes are hardy to -40 degrees. Aronia has high levels of proanthocyanins and quinic acid (ten times more than cranberries). Quinic acid prevents urinary infections! Aronia is a nice berry with rich flavor, perfect for juicing. Aronia plants are valued for both their powerful "supre fruit" and ornamential value. NOTE: DiMeo Fruit Farms currently has 3 year-old Viking Aronia and Nero Aronia berry plant varieties stock. Of course, if you place a high-volume order with us, we can give you better pricing on Aronia berry plants, just like we did for these happy DiMeo customers who love our Non GMO organic Aronia berry plants.
In spring, Aronia plants are covered with clusters of white, sweet scented flowers followed by shiny green berries that turn a dark bluish black in summer into early fall and fire-red fall foliage. It's blueberry-size powerful "super fruit" can be eaten fresh and is known for making delicious and nutritious juice that also blends nicely with other fruit juices and wine. Aronia is NOT bothered by pests or diseases. Once established, Aronia berry plants are drought toerant. Its very hardy, and the blueberry size fruit is tasty eaten fresh. Buy organic Aronia black chokeberry plants for Sale by DiMeo Fruit Farms & Aronia Plant Nursery. 3 year-old Aronia black chokeberry plants for only $10. We will ship our organic Aronia black chokeberry plants direct to your door. Below is a photo of one of our actual customers who planted and immediately picked her Non-GMO organic Aronia berry plants from our organic aronia berry farms and aronia plant nursery in New Jersey. Instant return on her aronia berries investment.
 Cranberry Bushes & Cranberry Vines for Sale
With DiMeo's "heavy bearing" organic cranberry plants you can forget about the bog. You don't need a bog to grow our special Non-GMO cranberry plants. Imagine a beautiful, solid carpet of green-leaved plants in your garden, each spreading 3-4' wide, and no more than 12" inches high. Each spring, reddish-pink flowers cover the foliage. These mature into big, bright red, juicy cranberries you pick by the handful with up to 2 pounds per cranberry plant! Our cranberry plants are vigorous growers and almost carefree. They thrive in blueberry-type soils. They also grow well in hanging baskets for a striking effect. Our cranberry bushes are self-pollinating. Mature height 12" x width 3-4'. Plant 2' apart. Cranberry plants make a perfect ground cover for edible landscaping with cranberries! Only $10. Minimum order of 5 plants. If you are looking for wholesale cranberry plants just ask. Call DiMeo Cranberry Farms & Cranberry Plant Nursery now: (609) 561-5905 to order. Just watch below video and you will understand why so many cranberry growers from across the country buy cranberry plants direct from the pros at DiMeo Fruit Farms and cranberry plant nurseries. Below is the DiMeo difference in quality cranberry plants for sale by our DiMeo cranberry plant nursery in NJ.
Pink Lemonade Blueberry Bushes for Sale
We have added pink blueberry plants to our inventory here at DiMeo Fruit Farms and Organic Berry Plant Nurseries. Pink lemonade blueberries are a result of a cross-breeding blueberry program and contrary to popular belief, they are actually Non-GMO berry plants. A delicious pink blueberry and a stunning ornamental pink blueberry bush for your property. Ripening to a bright pink blueberry, these sweet pink blueberries will impress you with their flavor. But put them where you can enjoy their showy pinkish-white blueberry flowers in spring and gold and orange foliage in fall. Only DiMeo berry bushes nursery has the largest pink blueberry bushes for sale. Buy 3 year-old, multi-branched pink lemonade now for only $10 each for large pink blueberry plants for sale at our wholesale pink blueberry plants nursery. This happy DiMeo customer brought her daughters who heard about our pink blueberries from one of their friends who's parents bought them from us. They drove hours just to buy pink lemonade blueberry bushes direct from our New Jersey blueberry farms.
 Blueberry Planting Instructions & Blueberry Farmer Tips & Advice on 
How to Grow Blueberries at Home or Farm

How to Plant Blueberry Bushes

Blueberries are a tasty and healthy berry, borne on a plant beautiful enough to be an ornamental in your backyard or organic berry garden. Blueberries are easy to grow, require little care, little space (only 2.5 feet between each blueberry plant) and are seldom bothered by pests. They will certainly increase the value of your property as even home builders and realtors come to us to buy blueberry bushes because the "blueberry patch" actually becomes a big selling point for a home.

How to Grow Blueberries in Your Backyard

With a few basic steps, planted right, your blueberry plants will pay dividends of a lifetime of fresh blueberries. Let DiMeo Fruit Farms & Berry Plant Nursery teach you how to plant blueberry bushes the right way. Follow our blueberry planting tips and blueberry planting instructions for great success.

Selecting the Best Blueberry Plant Varieties

We sell over 32 blueberry plant varieties, but feature the most popular blueberry plant varieties to grow. Allow at least two (2) blueberry bushes per family member in your house. For example, if you are a family of four, you should buy at least eight (8) blueberry plants, although we recommend 10 to 12 plants for a household that size. The average homeowner buys at least 10 blueberry bushes. Most buy 15-20 berry plants for sale by our family berry farm

Blueberry Site Selection & Planting Preparation

Select a sunny location. As sunny as possible. Blueberry plants prefer direct sunlight but many of our customers have been successful with only 4-5 hours of sunlight per day. If you have almost total shade, then consider buying Aronia berry plants instead that thrive in shade.

Blueberry planting soil should be well drained, free of weeds and well worked. Locate berry plants where water is available, as blueberry roots should be kept moist (not soaked) throughout the blueberry growing season.
 If soil is poor or marginally drained, raised beds 3' feet wide and 16" inches high works well.

 Incorporate peat moss into the soil. Dig a hole 2' foot wide by 12-16" inches deep. Remove 1/2 of the soil, mix in an equal portion of pre-moistened peat moss and work in well. PEAT MOSS IS CRITICAL FOR LONG-TERM SUCCESSFUL BLUEBERRY PLANT GROWTH. If you don't have peat moss, DiMeo can sell you the best quality commerical grade peat moss (FOR PICK-UP ORDERS ONLY. We DO NOT ship peat moss) Just ask us for the peat moss in advance.
 For raised beds, mix equal amounts of peat moss with acid compost or planting mix. Proper mix is 70% soil and 30% peat moss. Remember, blueberry plants thrive in acidic soils which you can create easily.
For soil that is not acidic enough, amend it with Rhododendron planting mix (Holly Tone) or peat moss.
Once you become a DiMeo berry plant customer, if you are planting high-volume, we will connect you with our peat moss contact who will sell you premium peat moss by the tractor trailer load. We will get you our low peat moss prices. Our DiMeo family has been dealing with the same private peat moss bog for over 40 years!

Proper Blueberry Plant Spacing

Plant blueberry bushes about 2.5' feet apart between plants in the row. If you are planting an edible blueberry hedge row then space plants 2' feet apart. Row spacing will depend on your cultivating or equipment. Everyone spaces differently. Be careful not to plant too deeply. Reember that the spacing of your rows will depend on what kind of machinery you are using. For example, if you are home grower you might want to just plant grass and mow between the rows. If you are a small farm or have a small PYO you might want to cultivate between the rows with a 6' disc or cultivator which means that you will need 9' between rows - from center one one plant to center of next plant in next row. 

Planting Blueberry Bushes

Simply dig a small hole hole about 1'x1'x1' and mix soil and peat moss together at a ratio of 30-40% peat moss to 60-70% soil. Place this mixture around each blueberry plant. If you use peat moss, make sure that it is thoroughly saturated with water, because peat moss that is not saturated can wick moisture away from the blueberry plant and cause the roots to dry out quickly. WARNING: Manure has too much nitrogen for newly planted young blueberry plants.

Mulching Blueberry Plants with Peat Moss 

A heavy mulch is good for water retention and improves plant health. We recommend 3" to 4" of untreated, older woodchips. Avoid using leaves, grass clippings, or sawdust as mulch as they inhibit hydration.. If using these mulches you may want to use a little extra nitrogen to maintain growth.

Blueberry plants do best with a 3" inch peat moss layer over the roots to conserve moisture, prevent weeds and add fully composted organic matter. Pine bark, acid compost, sawdust, etc. Repeat every year. If you use high-quality Canadian peat moss (whch is the right way to do it) then you are giving your blueberry plant the long-term food it needs. Avoid using treated or colored bark mulch.

Many people don't know this, but cranberry leaves harvested from cranberry plants after cranberry picking season (in the fall) is a great item to "top dress" with every fall season. We sell the cranberry leaves, but for pick-up only at our berry farm.

How to Plant Raspberries - Raspberry Planting Tips

Avoid planting the roots too deep. Keep the raspberry plants well watered to maintain moisture and establish raspberry plants with little stress.

Raspberry-Blackberry Plant Spacing: For raspberries it is 18" to 24" inches, but we recommend 18" inches between each raspberry or blackberry plant for plant spacing. Spacing between your rows will once again depend on what type of machinery or impliment you are using to cultivate, mow or tend to your rows.

We recommend summer raspberry pruning for increased raspberry plant health. Fall pruning to prevent winter damage. We have reduced winter damage in summer by pruning our raspbery plants in late fall.

Pruning the raspberry plant mass reduces the surface area of the plantings, decreasing winter damage due to raspberry plant desiccation.

We have seen virtually no winter damage in our summer red raspberries or black raspberries. Most recommendations suggest it is better to wait until spring to prune off the winter damage on summer bearing brambles. We believe that decreasing the amount of cane the raspberry plants have to support increases the chances it has to survice the winter season.

At DiMeo Fruit Farms & Organic Berry Plant Nursery we have been very agressive with our blueberry pruning and other berry pruning strategies. As soon as the summer berry harvest ends, we begin pruning blueberries with migrant workers.

Yes, we know many of you would like to know exactly how to properly prune blueberry bushes and we are working to put together a new YouTube video to show our blueberry plant customers exactly how to prune blueberry plants the right way.

Drip Irrigation & How to Prune Blueberries

We recommend using drip irrigation placed at the base of the blueberry plant. Then you may apply water at your conveniene and know the water is getting to the root zone where it is needed. Because of blueberries' shallow fibrous root system, they require frequent watering. Maintain moisture, and do not allow roots to dry out. Water at least 3 times per week, depending on temperatures. Once you become a customer, if you are planting high-volume of plants, we will connect you up with our own personal irrigation guys who will not only take care of you but who will give you our low pricing rate for irrigation! Our DiMeo family has been dealing with them for over 20 years now. 

Every year your blueberry bushes should be heavily pruned to avoid overfruiting, which results in small fruit or poor growth. Follow these steps after the leaves have dropped during the winter months. Keep soil moist throughout the establishment period of blueberry plants.

Remove low growth around the base. If it doesn't grow up, prune it.
Remove the dead wood, and non-vigorous twiggy wood. Keep the bright colored wood with long (at least 3" inch) laterals. Remove blotchy-colored short growth. If 1/3 to 1/2 of the wood has not been removed by the above steps, thin out the fruiting laterals and small branches until this balance has been obtained on the entire blueberry bush.

Fertilizing Blueberry Plants & Blueberry Bushes 

Never fertilize at planting. We recommend using organic fertilizers. A mixture of 1 part kelp, 3 parts fish meal and 3 parts bone meal works well. Apply in early spring. Or use an acidic commercial preparation, such as Rhododendron food (5-5-3) for acid-loving plants like blueberry bushes or Holly Tone.
Avoid using fresh manures on any of these berry plants and always water well after fertilizing.

If using a non-organic fertilizer, on newly planted stock, use two tablespoons of 10-20-10 (or similar slow-release fertilizer) in late spring or once plants are established. Be careful! Blueberry bushes are very sensitive to over fertilization. For subsequent years, use one ounce of fertilizer for each year of blueberry bush age, to a total of eight ounces per blueberry plant. Apply in early spring and again in late spring for best results. However, our farm practices and supports supports organic blueberry plant growing, and strongly encourages you to stay organic.

Wait 4-6 weeks after planting your blueberry plants before fertilizing. Don't fertilize after July as this could lead to new growth, which is susceptible to winter injury. Organic source of nitrogen is Blood Meal 12-00 instead of ammonium sulfate.

Blueberry Plant pH Requirements - Sulfur & Blueberries 

Fo best success with your blueberry plants, we recommend that you meature/maintain pH levels regularly. Keeping pH levels between 4.5 to 4.8 is very important for your blueberry bushes. Adding some garden sulfur is the best material to use to reduce pH levels. Just dont put it down too heavy. Start light and then take another soil sample about 6 months later.
 We will sell you the certified organic sulfur if you need sulfur just ask one of our DiMeo farmers. We sell our garden sulfur in large 50lb bags or in smaller amounts for home growers that need to buy garden sulfur from DiMeo berry plant nursery.

Birds or Deer and Blueberries

Not many of our customers have issues with birds, but some do. Here are some helpful tips from DiMeo Blueberry Farms on dealing with birds and blueberries.

Buy a professional quality 3/4" mesh neeting with UV protection. The netting can be drapped over the blueberry plants, but we recommend installing a light, yet simple support structure. This will avoid entanglement of the net in the blueberry branch tips. Always remove netting at the end of your harvest to extend the life of netting. Some of our customers even paint the corner post poles and decorate them as to become more of a decorative piece in the garden. Here's an example of how much you will need: For 12 bushes you will need 17' x 100' of bird neeting. For 6 bushes you will need 17' x 50' of neeting. Sorry, we do not sell the netting at this time. For deer just use small soap bars hung next to young plants which will successful deter deer until plants get bigger. Remember that our DiMeo blueberry bushes are more established "hard wood" plants and not the "soft wood or tissue culture plants" that deer love to eat. Which is why most "store bought plants" often never survive after you plant them.

Diagnose Blueberry Bushes Problems

Yellow leaves on blueberries can be quickly corrected with a foliar application of 1-table-spoon iron chelate in a gallon of water sprayed over the blueberry bush leaves. You should see greener blueberry leaves in a few days. However, the real culprit may be that the blueberry bush soil pH is probally too high.

You should be seeing 12-18" inches of new blueberry bush growth each year. If not, re-check your soil pH and/or use a little more fertilizer. Of course we always recommend using organic fertilizers. A slow-release blueberry bush fertilizer is best - this way you won't burn your berry plants.

Avoid Common Blueberry Planting Mistakes

1/ Pack soil firmly around the berry plant roots.

2/ Water your berry plants well. Especially during the first 4-6 weeks of establishment period. Keep the soil moist, not saturated. Make sure the plants don't dry out. Keep an eye on them.

3/ Avoid fertilizer burn by fertilizing only after berry plants are established with SLOW RELEASE organic or non-organic fertilizer.

4/ Do not soak berry plants in water more than 1 hour after you receive them. Unless you need to hold them for a longer period.

5/ Plant DiMeo berry plants immediately upon your receipt of berry plants. Of course there is no rush if the berry plants are potted and you pick them up at the farm. In that case, you have plenty of time to plant and there is no rush. 


We would like to take a moment to speak directly to some of you who are starting a Pick Your Own (PYO) blueberry farm for the very first time. We get many of the same frequently asked questions so let's just answer some of them now.

The PYO blueberry business as well as pick your own Aronia black chokeberry and other "super fruit plants" is a very big business. It will only get bigger as fuel prices continue to rise and people move more and more toward buying only "locally grown" fruits such as blueberries which currently tops the list!

Agritourism and Agritainment are going to be two very big businesses in the future and those of you who are "ahead of the curve" and "get berry plants in the ground now" will greatly benefit by this trend in the coming years. Food prices will continue to rise and more people will by local.

We have many "baby boomers" from across America who call us almost every single day to discuss how they want to have their own little farms "set up" and ready to go for their retirement. DiMeo Fruit Farms & Berry Plant Nursery as well as our DiMeo family blueberry farmers are very experienced with this - and like many of our other existing berry plant customers, our farm can help you be successful in your goals.

If you are serious about starting your own berry patch or farm, fly out to see us. We will spend time with you and teach you how to plant blueberries the right way. Many of our prospective customers fly out to see us, only to end up canceling their flights home, so they can rent a huge 26' foot u-haul truck to drive blueberry plants home from our blueberry plant nursery here in "the blueberry capital of the world" Hammonton, New Jersey.

Just look at many of our satisfied DiMeo berry plant customers on our DiMeo customer photo gallery which features just a FEW of the many repeat DiMeo customers with no DiMeo Farms complaints here with countless repeat customers!



 How to Prune Blueberry Bushes
Let DiMeo Blueberry Farms teach you how to prune blueberry bushes the right way. Many of our happy DiMeo berry plant customers asked for an instruction video on how to trim blueberry plants - well here's the first one, with more DiMeo farmer blueberry planting instruction videos to come soon. We are only successful when you our DiMeo Farms customer are successful in pruning blueberry plants like our DiMeo family does every fall-winter season. This DiMeo blueberry farmer video will give you an idea of just how hard you should trim or prune blueberry bushes once the blueberry bushes are mature. Enjoy this video, more to come on how to fertilize blueberries, watering blueberry bushes, cultivating blueberry bushes and mulching blueberry bushes properly. We know you guys want more videos and we are working on it quickly. We want you to be successful growing blueberries