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DiMeo's know blueberries. Our roots run deep in the American blueberry industry. DiMeo Farms and Blueberry Plants Nursery in New Jersey is a fourth generation family blueberry farm that passionately continues our 102 year-old blueberry growing legacy. The DiMeo family (with all members and different farms combined) grows up to 1,000 acres of blueberry farms in the Southern New Jersey Pinelands region. Let us teach you how to grow your own organic blueberries with our ultra-heavy bearing blueberry plants. Call Now (609) 561-5905 to get a fast Winter or Spring 2019 shipping quote for the best certified blueberry plantsWe now have over 88,000 LIKES on our Facebook with happy customers from all across America. Below is our history in the American blueberry industry. There is a reason why people drive hours just to buy blueberry plants direct from us.

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The original DiMeo family blueberry farms were established over 100 years ago by Michael DiMeo, the father of Anthony DiMeo, Sr. Michael came to America with his two brothers Salvatore and Nicholas DiMeo. The three brothers were raised as hard working Northern Italian farmers in Sulmona, Italy (located only about 1 hour and 30 mins east of Rome) and came over to America with just a few dollars in their pockets and the clothes on their back. Michael DiMeo's sons, Frank DiMeo, Anthony DiMeo, Sr., Michael DiMeo and William DiMeo worked relentlessly hard their entire lives to buy land and plant blueberries on all the DiMeo family blueberry farms. Below is now 87 year-old third generation DiMeo farmer DiMeo, Sr. who double checked every single blueberry pint.


Our DiMeo family berry farm blueberry pint logo is a heart of blueberries because we love growing blueberries, keeping our customers healthy with blueberries. We really do love our customers and are proud to encourage people all across America to support American farmers that are fading fast. Now in 2019, the average American farmer is almost 60 years old, with not enough young new farmers to replace them. It’s true. We are a dying breed that is trying to encourage healthy organic living and teach our next generation to eat healthier and get into farming. We care about growing better tasting blueberries and starter blueberry plants direct to the public at the lowest $1.95 prices. If you invest in growing your own organic blueberries, think of all the money you will save. Our Wharton packing house is state-of-the-art and USDA Food Safety ready with the best blueberry packing equipment co-owned by fourth generation blueberry farmer, A. DiMeo and third generation blueberry farmer DiMeo, Sr., who are just two of the family partners.

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DiMeo's Picking New Jersey Blueberries in Season

Many of the DiMeo's still use hand picking blueberries to harvest the annual Summer blueberry crop, but toward the end of each New Jersey blueberry season, blueberry farmers can use blueberry picking machines to harvest the very last blueberry harvest. Watch the video below of a third generation DiMeo blueberry farmer operating one of the IBF older (yet effective) BEI blueberry picking machines as he picks the very last blueberry picking. These blueberry harvesters reduce blueberry farmer picking costs to around .50 cents per 12 pint blueberry crate instead of having to pay migrant farm labor workers up to $5.00 for every single blueberry crate to hand pick the blueberries during the long extended summer blueberry picking season. Running this blueberry harvester machine looks easy, but the farmer can't take his eyes off the blueberry row for a second, or he risks ripping out blueberry bushes or damaging the blueberry harvester.

DiMeo Farms is a long-time grower of blueberry plants, bearing-size blueberry bushes for sale in New Jersey. We sell the same big blueberry bushes that our expert blueberry farmer(s) plant to increase blueberry production yields. Our certified virus and disease-free, ultra-heavy bearing blueberry plants are likely BIGGER blueberry plants, healthier and dug just hours before shipping. That's why our vigorous DiMeo blueberry plants can grow blueberries faster, establish big root systems quicker and bear larger blueberries to fill more pints of berries for you to sell. DiMeo is a real blueberry growing expert who was contracted by even publicly traded companies as an expert blueberry farmer consultant and paid a $5,000 a month retainer, under a multi-year contract, just for Mr. DiMeo to provide guidance with their projects. DiMeo Farms sells blueberry plants direct to home blueberry gardeners, edible landscapers, blueberry plant retailers and wholesalers, fruit wineries, u-pick blueberry farms and wholesale blueberry growers all across America.

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DiMeo Farms Gives Back to Charity

The DiMeo blueberry farming family and it's blueberry farmers believe in giving back, so when kids came knocking at our door and needed a sponsor, we proudly sponsored the DiMeo Blueberries Youth Soccer team. If you have a children's non-profit group, just let us know because at the end of every blueberries or blueberry plants planting season, we always try to "share the harvest" with supporting a good cause that benefits children. We believe in the importance of giving back and sharing our success with others. These kids learned about the importance of eating organic and the amazing health benefits of blueberries. We also gave a presentation on "know your farmer" and "know your food" and where it comes from. The kids also loved great-grandpop DiMeo's corn crib. We told them the story about how he dried out corn on the cob and used it to feed all his free-range chickens and other animals on the DiMeo family farm.


DiMeo Farms also generously supported the Police Unity Tour which raises awareness for law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty. Ironically, the gentleman standing on the far right in this photo with the Boston shirt is a young police officer who was shot in the line of duty. He took time off to coach the DiMeo Blueberries youth soccer team during his recovery. One of the causes that DiMeo Farms would like to support is combating childhood obesity with eating organic foods and to help children make healthier eating choices. Getting kids to appreciate farm fresh organic berriees, instead of fast or junk food. We believe that one of the best ways to combat childhood obesity is to give children healthy fresh locally grown organic berries at their school or day-camps, and make it free. 

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When a phone call came in from a child program counselor in the city who told us about her youth group of troubled children who needed to learn the value of hard day's work on a family farm and to also learn about eating better and healthierorganic foods, fourth generation farmer Anthony DiMeo III took time to spend with the kids. He included a brief tour of Grandpop DiMeo's farm and a motivational discussion on "setting life goals and working hard to achieve them." He also gave each of them a free blueberry bush to take home to their families in the Camden and Philadelphia regions. If you have a children's program and would like us to host a farm visit that may include a brief walking tour of our New Jersey blueberry farm and agri-tourism farm then give us a call: (609) 561-5905 and we will check our farmer's schedule for availability. This was another beautiful day at DiMeo Farms in Hammonton. We believe in giving back.


We love teaching kids where berries come from and about growing their own organic blueberries at home. They called us and it was a pleasure to let the kids pick blueberries with our compliments. The kids had such a great time picking blueberries and we took time to talk with them about the health benefits of organic blueberries and why they should eat fresh berries every day, instead of fast food and junk food. This is where it all starts, with children making better eating choices, and with parents reinforcing it at home. If you would like to book a DiMeo blueberry picking field trip call (609) 561-5905 to schedule school field trips or seniors group visit.

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We have also donated lots of blueberry bushes to local and regional school districts for their sustainable organic school gardens and we often have many charity bike races that run through our area. Lots of the charity bike race participants often stop after the race or tour to tell us what a beautiful family farm we have. These ladies stopped to show their support for DiMeo Farms and also to congratulate Mr. DiMeo for supporting the local community. We are also passionate about supporting women's health issues such as fighting breast cancer with cancer-fighting organic berries like blueberries and especially aronia berries, the healthiest berries on the planet. Thanks for stopping ladies!

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Appreciating Maximino's 30 Years Working for The DiMeo’s

81 year-old Maximino Guzman, a farm worker who worked for Grandpop DiMeo at our family's blueberry farm for close to 30 years, came into our lives once again. One Sunday afternoon, his daughter called and said they were on their way down to the DiMeo farm. She said her father, Maximino was sick with cancer and he wanted to walk Grandpop DiMeo's farm just one more time while he still physically could. He was greeted by Mr. DiMeo's grandson, Anthony DiMeo III who took the time to walk the frail Maximino around the farm and listened to his stories about working with Grandpop DiMeo all those years. His daughter translated. When Maximino saw Grandpop DiMeo's old pickup truck, he began to cry and went to sit on the tailgate. Then, Anthony sat next to him for this amazing picture. Maximino is a good man. It was a pleasure to spend that Sunday afternoon with him listening to his stories about planting acres of blueberries plants for Grandpop DiMeo.

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"I feel alive and and happy here" said a teary eyed, 81 year-old Maximino Guzman as he stood in the old blueberry field where he once worked. He walked the blueberry fields with his granddaughter with tears in his eyes and a smile on his face. He said how it was hard working on the farm and that Grandpop DiMeo was a hard worker and a good man to work for all those years. He said, at the time, he couldn't find a job, so he went to Grandpop DiMeo who hired him and gave him a free place to live on the farm and that he was thankful Grandpop DiMeo never charged him any money for rent or utilities all those years. He said that allowed him to save money to raise all his children and bring them here from Puerto Rico. Maximino is a great man. We will never forget him.

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Farmer Joseph DiMeo Turns 100 Years-Old

The DiMeo blueberry farming family has been blessed with impressive life longevity. It must be because they ate healthy blueberries and a single glass of homemade Italian wine at lunch and dinner every single day. Anthony DiMeo, Sr's mother, Nancy DiMeo lived until she was 98 years-old. His aunt (Nancy DiMeo's sister, Concetta) lived until she was 101 years-old. His older brother Joseph DiMeo, Sr. who was born and raised on the DiMeo family berry farms in New Jersey, lived to almost 101 years old. Grandmom Mildred "Millie" DiMeo lived to 97 years old. There is something to be said about most of the DiMeo's living well into their 90s and beyond 100 years-old. Healthy living on the family farm and eating locally grown berries, fruits and vegetables likely played a role. Watch the below video as the DiMeo family celebrated Joseph DiMeo's 100th birthday on the below memorable DiMeo family day together in Hammonton, New Jersey. God bless Uncle Joe. Watch 100 year-old Farmer Joseph DiMeo sing along with the entire DiMeo family.

Our Conservation and Forest Preservation Efforts

At DiMeo Family Farms we feel good about giving back to the land since it has been good to us over the years. So we started planting all types of native cedar trees along our blueberry farm fields and along the wetlands areas, along the Hammonton Creek. We planted many beautiful Atlantic White Cedar trees along the highlands we planted other types of red cedar trees to keep the forest healthy. Yes, we love to see you planting blueberry bushes, but let's not forget about the trees. DiMeo Farms believes we need to conserve our forests and keep them keep growing to protect the environment. Especially with all the new building and home developments being built these days. We need to protect the land for future generations. We aim to work closely with NJ Park Police officers who help us to protect, preserve and monitor important animal habitat in the beautiful Pine Barrens forests surrounding our family farm properties.

DiMeo Blueberry Family and Farming History

Our DiMeo blueberry farm can trace its family history back to over 100 years ago, to around the year 1910 when then Italian immigrant Michael DiMeo came over from (Abruzzo) Sulmona, Italy. He and his two brothers, Salvatore DiMeo and Nicholas DiMeo originally settled in Providence, Rhode Island. After starting a successful DiMeo farm and roadside farm market in the Providence area, Salvatore later decided to head up to Bridgewater, Massachusetts and started growing raspberries. He became one of the biggest raspberry farms and growers in America. But, his brother, Michael DiMeo decided to head down to Southern New Jerseyin search of higher quality farm land "without as many rocks" that would often break his farm tractor implements. He took a simple job on the Pennsylvania Railroad to earn money to travel, then one day he discovered Hammonton, New Jersey. He liked the small town of Hammonton and it's central location to New York City and Philadelphia. Michael DiMeo then purchased about 35 acres of farm land in Hammonton. He started the DiMeo family farm with just a little blueberry patch behind his farm house. Here is a photo of him proudly standing in his first patch of blueberries in New Jersey.


The original DiMeo Berry Farms grew blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, butternut squash, apples, peaches, pumpkins, old fashioned yams and even sweet potatoes for many years. Mr. DiMeo eventually built it up into a much larger family farm as the DiMeo's continued investing in farm land during The Great Depression. They invested every penny they had in buying lots of farm properties. Photoed below is the son of Michael DiMeo, second generation blueberry farmer Anthony DiMeo, Sr. who stands proudly with the DiMeo family farm horse that he used to plow up the family's blueberry nursery to plant blueberries at his fathers farm, later to be passed down to him and his brothers, Michael and William DiMeo. All of who worked hard and devoted their entire lives to buy, develop, grow and build the various family berry farms that now carry forward their old fashioned berry farming methods. They were hard workers and visionaries. Even though they were not well educated, they were smart businessmen and amazing berry farmers. They knew how to grow the best tasting berries and how to raise super-hardy berry plants. They all had a deep rooted passion for farming and always put the family farm first.

Michael DiMeo turned the DiMeo family farms over to his three sons, Anthony DiMeo, Sr., Michael DiMeo, Jr. and William DiMeo, who slowly converted the entire DiMeo family farm operations to exclusively grow blueberries, blueberry plants and large blueberry bushes. Anthony DiMeo, Sr. began planting hundreds of acres of hardy blueberry bushes back in the 1940s. He started out with only 500 blueberry plants. Over the decades, Anthony DiMeo, Sr. and his brothers, including Frank DiMeo, Michael DiMeo, Jr., and William DiMeo built their own successful DiMeo-owned blueberry farms that today, through much sacrifice, have achieved great success. The DiMeo's have made a lifetime of investment, including Anthony DiMeo, Sr., who worked his entire life to buy, develop, build and grow the various DiMeo farms in Hammonton. Farming was his life. It's what he loved to do most. He was up every morning at 5am and was excited to get back into the field with his farm workers. He worked hard on the farm, saved his money and made the right investment by "betting the farm" on planting and growing blueberries.

Grandpop DiMeo Invests Bets Big on Blueberries


Second generation DiMeo blueberry farmer, Anthony DiMeo, Sr. retired when he was 86 years-old, but still worked on his farm until he was almost 90 years old. He devoted his entire life to passionately building, growing and working the DiMeo Family Fruit Farms as a proud American farmer. His entire life was the farm. He traveled very little throughout his life, but he accomplished so much, as he grew the operation with every day of hard work and sacrifice. He depended on the farm to provide for the entire DiMeo family, and it always did. It still does to this day. His idea of farming fresh all-natural berries was quite simple, grow the finest blueberries and BIG bearing-size blueberry plants and sell at a fair price. Some might say that Mr. DiMeo sold more blueberry bushes than anyone in America during his time. He also was an expert at growing blueberries and all the blueberry pickers came in from New York City and South Philadelphia during the Summer to pick DiMeo blueberries in season at his blueberry farm. Here are some of the original blueberry picking tickets that were issued to Tony DiMeo's blueberry pickers about 102 years ago. To earn one of these tickets meant lots of hard work, but it fed many then, poor Italian-immigrant families from Philadelphia and New York City.

Grandpop DiMeo Remembers Hard, But Good Times

Farmer Anthony DiMeo, Sr. remembers his mother Nancy DiMeo making loaves of fresh Italian bread all the time. His parents always had the kids eat lots of bread to "keep their bellies full" when money was tight. In the Fall season, they would dig up all the cabbage and replant it by the house. They would cut down the corn and use the corn fodder to cover the buried cabbage and bury it a couple feet deep underground to keep it from freezing in the winter. The soft part of the corn husks were used to stuff or repair their bed mattress. Earning only $5.00 per week, working 15 hour days, 6 days a week on the farm. Every Sunday, the DiMeo family would take off for a day of rest and walk to church as a family.

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During the winter, the DiMeo family slept downstairs in the old farm house. They sealed off the upstairs to store meat because it would get so cold up there. It took too much firewood to heat the entire house. The DiMeo homestead had only one wood stove and it was the only heat in the house. His mother would pile up bricks on the stove and heat them up after dinner. Then, when each child went to bed, she would put a brick at their feet with a blanket around it. It was just enough heat to keep their feet warm until they fell asleep. Grandpop DiMeo said if he took a glass of water to bed in the winter, it could be frozen in the morning. During the holiday, each child would get a pair of socks, banana, orange and an apple. He remembers his mother saying "when you have a good time with someone, you never have enough time." He said, back then, people were different. There were few arguments, everyone was happy and they would help one another. They were poor, but happy.

Grandpop DiMeo's Homestead Closeup Shot.jpg

Future of Blueberry Farming Profits

New Generation Blueberry Farmers. Old Generation Family Values.

The grandchildren of Mr. & Mrs. Anthony DiMeo, Sr., now make up some of the fourth generation of the DiMeo blueberry farming family in Hammonton, New Jersey. Several of the DiMeo grandsons now continue their grandfathers and great-grandfathers legacy of growing blueberries in New Jersey, as well as the sale of locally grown blueberries, bearing-size blueberry plants and large mature blueberry bushes. The old fashioned blueberry farming practices and techniques of the DiMeo family have passed down from the first to the fourth generation of American farmers. This photo below is third generation DiMeo blueberry farmer, Anthony DiMeo, Jr. when he started teaching his first son, Anthony DiMeo III how to drive farm tractors and how to be a farmer. Anthony DiMeo III, along with his brothers and other family members now carry forward the legacy.

Below is a photo of Anthony the DiMeo favorite row crop tractor, the John Deere narrow that is a popular tractor for both blueberry growers and wineries because it fits perfectly down the blueberry row and allows for you to plant your rows closer to get more blueberries per acre. Anthony and his family now continue the 102 year-old DiMeo blueberry farming legacy of growing better tasting NJ blueberries and certified blueberry plants. This picture was taken by the media as part of a photo shoot for the media doing a story on home owners lowering their farmland tax assessment by planting a patch of blueberries on their property. As smart move as long as you keep it legit and sell the blueberries to generate income.


 When growing blueberries, DiMeo Farms tries to focus not only on growing the largest blueberries but, the best tasting NATURALLY GROWN blueberry plant varieties. We seek a healthy blueberry that has a nice size, good taste and great blueberry flavor. Blueberries that are picked for fresh and frozen markets are often immediately taken to a blueberry packing area and can be shipped all over the world. Our large DiMeo blueberries fill lots of berry pints and 12 pint blueberry crates, making our DiMeo blueberry plant customers successful with maybe the best blueberry yields per acre. Here are expert blueberry farmers, almost 90 year-old Anthony DiMeo, Sr. and his grandson, Anthony DiMeo III checking mature blueberry bushes about to bloom in Hammonton blueberry fields. Anthony worked with his grandfather since just 12 years old, and was trained by experts in all areas of blueberry plants and farming.

Grandpop DiMeo had several nephews in the family who continue the DiMeo legacy of blueberry farming. One of them is third generation DiMeo blueberry farmer Mike DiMeo, Sr. who is now 89 years-old. He still works almost every single day on the blueberry farm and is very active on all the farm equipment. Every year the DiMeo family replants some of their older blueberry fields, not every single blueberry bush, but just the bushes they think should be replanted. Here is Mike, Sr. on the mini-excavator which the DiMeo’s use to get down the narrow blueberry rows to quickly dig out some of the older blueberry bushes without having to do it by hand which would be very labor intensive and time consuming. Here he is replanting one of the fields with thousands of blueberry plants and peat moss from our blueberry plants nursery.

DiMeo Blueberry Farms Replanting Blueberry Bushes.jpg

DiMeo Farms wants to help you grow healthy berries, blueberries and other super healthy berries with amazing health benefits such as Aronia black chokeberries. We can give you blueberry growing tips and safe home grown blueberry farming techniques. We often try to find inspiring ways to celebrate the farming spirit in our quiet hometown, so every year we welcome customers, friends and family to the “blueberry ball drop” at the center of town. It’s so much fun and we hope you will join us this New Years Eve. Let’s celebrate healthy living together.

Hammonton NYE Blueberry Ball Drop.jpg

"Growing blueberries and caring for blueberry plants the old fashioned way is something I have done since both my grandfather and father started teaching me when I was just a little boy. I am very passionate about carrying forward my part of family's blueberry growing legacy of using old fashioned blueberry farming methods."

- A. DiMeo

"Legacy of Growing Blueberries" magazine article that features fourth generation blueberry farmer Anthony DiMeo III and his hard work to carry forward the American blueberry growing legacy his grandfather and great-grandfather started over 100 years ago, with DiMeo Blueberry Farms in New Jersey, which will offer blueberry picking as well as serve as a rustic farm wedding location in New Jersey. We can teach our blueberry farm customers for free and can coach them on how to plant their very own pick your own blueberry farm or agritourism farm in their community, once they become a berry plants nursery customer. CALL NOW (609) 561-5905 so we can teach you how to care for blueberries and get into the high demand blueberry market.

We work hard on our New Jersey family farms to cultivate the best blueberries, bearing-size blueberry plants, large mature blueberry bushes, long-term happy DiMeo blueberry plants customers an expert berry farmer solutions to optimize the success of our berry plant customers in NOT ONLY commercial blueberry fields, but home berry plants garden, u-pick blueberry farms, fruit wineries, edible landscape designs or backyard blueberry gardening all across America. We also have thorness raspberry plants, thornless blackberry plants, strawberry plants, cranberry bushes, and aronia berry plants which are the healthiest super berries on the planet. You should start eating organic aronia berries in your daily fruit diet for anti-oxidants and cancer-fighting benefits.


Anthony DiMeo III and Helene of DiMeo Blueberry Plants Nursery who generously sponsored the Hammonton Blueberry Festival. The blueberry festival in Hammonton can drew thousands of blueberry lovers. Our blueberries farm has happy DiMeo Farms blueberry plant customers from all across America who drive (or fly) out to visit our family blueberry farms to meet with a DiMeo blueberry farmer. Over the years we have always been a trusted source for the media who has featured our family farmers as we have grown.

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