BETTER BLUEBERRY PLANTS. REAL BLUEBERRY FARMERS.     3 Yr. Big Bearing-Size. Only $10. Best Varieties. Fast Fall Shipping.

Our family blueberry farm and blueberry plants garden center grows the best blueberry bushes the old-fashioned way. Our ultra-premium Heirloom blueberry varieties are READY TO FRUIT Summer 2016We can ship 3 Year-Old BIG BEARING-SIZE $10 Blueberry Bushes to your door for less. CHEMICAL & PESTICIDE-FREE. Grow your own blueberries and avoid paying high grocery store prices. Think of all the money you can save over the course of your life. WE SHIP BETTER BLUEBERRY BUSHES ALL ACROSS AMERICAOver 50,950 LIKES with happy customers on our Facebook profile who know that DiMeo's Blueberry Farm is America's #1 source for bearing-size blueberry plants.

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NEW Customer Photos & YouTube videos BELOW     FREE blueberry planting instructions included.

DiMeo Farms offers THREE different SIZES of blueberry plants that have the best transplant success and survivability rate

1 Year-Old Blueberry Plants on FALL PLANTING SALE (only $1.95 each) (minimum order 100) these are really great small "starter plants" at an unbeatable low price. You can plant them directly out in the field, or you can pot them up to get them more established before you field plant. We sell these in only round lots of 100 blueberry plants at a time. Very limited number available at this super-low $1.95 price and we will likely sell out of these fast, so reserve now. Pick-up or MAIL ORDER.

2 Year-Old Blueberry Plants on FALL PLANTING SALE (only $4.95 each) (minimum order 50) for those who want to start a little blueberry patch or pick your own blueberry farm, which can be very profitable in this high demand blueberry marketWe can send you a nice mix of blueberry plant varieties for an extended blueberry season, good cross-pollination, large, sweet berries with good flavor, and that are popular/productive. Ready to Fruit Summer 2016. Most customers start off with 600 plants (1/2 acre) to 1,200 plants (1 acre) of blueberry plants. Pick-up or MAIL ORDER.

3 Year-Old BIG Bearing-Size Blueberry Bushes (only $10.00) (minimum order 5) these are the blueberry bushes that most home blueberry gardeners buy. Perfect for growing your own blueberries at home in your own little blueberry garden. Average homeowner buys ten (10) blueberry bushes so you have enough blueberries for fresh eating and freezing throughout the entire year. Ready to Fruit Summer 2016We can have access of up to 32 blueberry varieties. We can automatically ship you an all-season blueberry variety pack for an extended blueberry season all summer long. MAIL ORDER or pick-up our SUPER-SIZE bearing blueberry bushes like this happy family of customers did.

It's no wonder that all types of blueberry gardeners from all across America, stand behind DiMeo Farms blueberry bushes like on our DiMeo Farms Facebook profile with over 50,950 LIKES and this retired couple below who drove hours just because their friends told them how great DiMeo's $10 blueberry plants are. We helped them start their own little blueberry patch so they can sell fresh healthy blueberries from their own little roadside fruit stand for some extra retirement income during their retirement years. They were so excited. Her husband said "the second we pulled into your farm driveway, we knew we had found the best place to buy blueberry bushes. Wow, this farm is really gorgeous, and it was well worth the drive down. You have a fine operation."
Enjoy BIG, sweet blueberries that DiMeo Farms bearing-size blueberry plants can grow for you. Our large, multi-branched, READY TO FRUIT blueberry bushes are ultra-heavy bearing. Only $10. Customers have said that no other blueberry plants grow blueberries that taste as good as DiMeo's special blueberry ALL-SEASON variety pack. Our DiMeo farmer can automatically give you a nice blueberry variety mix of early, mid and late-season blueberry bushes so you can pick blueberries all Summer long for #1) a nice extended blueberry harvest season ALL SUMMER long #2) good cross-pollination for increased berry production and yield #3) large blueberries, not small #4) sweet berries, not sour #5) flavorful blueberries #6) berries that are popular and productive. Below are mature DiMeo blueberry bushes featured at M. DiMeo's blueberry farm in New Jersey. CALL DIMEO FARMS NOW: (609) 561-5905 for a quick quote and guarantee current sale pricing and availability.

There is nothing better than giving BIG Bearing-Size $10 Blueberry Bushes as a gift to someone you love. Imagine, every single Summer for the rest of that persons life, they can pick blueberries in their own backyard and think of you. These kids photoed below, asked their father what he wanted for Father's Day, and he said "bearing-size $10 blueberry bushes from DiMeo Farms" so the oldest son called us and said they were all coming down to buy blueberry plants for their dad. What a great childhood memory, and their dad was so happy to, not only spend time quality time with his kids, but to have them pick out the CHEMICAL & PESTICIDE-FREE blueberry plants especially for him. Creating great family memories and getting kids to eat healthier and better, especially with our healthy blueberries. We can't think of anything better than this! Raspberry and blackberry plants also available.

 Mature Blueberry Bushes on Sale

Watch the below DiMeo's Blueberry Farms and Blueberry Plants Garden Center video of SUPER HARDY mature blueberry bushes dealer got for one of our happy DiMeo Farms customers, who said he wants to plant a blueberry winery. We made him an unbeatable wholesale blueberry plants deal on these mature blueberry bushes which can give him an almost instant return on his farm investment, likely yielding many pounds of blueberries per blueberry bush. This is another reason why DiMeo Farms is known as American's #1 Source for the Best Blueberry Plants for sale direct from our family blueberry farms in New Jersey. CALL DIMEO FARMS NOW: (609) 561-5905 TO GET A QUICK pick-up or mail order quote. We greatly appreciate your blueberry plants business.

DiMeo Farms in an old-fashioned family blueberry farm and berry plants gardening center. CALL FIRST (609) 561-5905 to GET A QUICK QUOTE, then we can give you detailed instructions on how to order order blueberry plants online or other mail order berry plants. We prefer a telephone callThe word is out that DiMeo Farms has the best tasting blueberries with the best blueberry bushes on sale so we literally have customers from all over the world who call us not only for blueberry planting tips but to buy blueberry plants direct from our family farm that carries forward great-grandpop DiMeo's legacy of growing blueberries. He started growing blueberries in New Jersey over 105 years ago. This grandfather photoed below, drove hours just to bring his granddaughters to buy Heirloom blueberry bushes direct from DiMeo Farms & Blueberry Plants Garden Center in Hammonton, New Jersey. He was another referral from a church charity who also bought berry bushes from DiMeo Farms.

The DiMeo blueberry farming family has a substantial number of acres of family-owned blueberry farms in New Jersey with an average of 1,200 blueberry plants per acre. We have helped all types of blueberry growers and blueberry gardeners start growing healthy blueberries in their own backyard berry gardens. Most of these families also intend to eventually sell blueberries that are in high demand. Many of our DiMeo Farms customers have told us that they are selling locally grown blueberries for up to $5.00 a pint in their local communities. Consider selling blueberries direct from little your own pick your own blueberry farm stand like our DiMeo Farms roadside fruit farm stand that we used at the Blueberry Festival in Hammonton, New Jersey. Blueberry lovers from all across America came to see sponsor DiMeo's Blueberry Farm at the Hammonton Blueberry Festival.

Sell Locally Grown Blueberries at Your Own Little Farm Stand

Our DiMeo blueberry farm market and New Jersey blueberry plants gardening center was featured in The Press of Atlantic City as shown here with photo and article. Where we sell fresh locally grown blueberries and other natural healthy CHEMICAL & PESTICIDE-FREE berries such as aronia berries that families drive hours just to buy blueberries from our New Jersey u-pick blueberry farms. You can even sell local honey or blueberry jams at your little fruit stand. Below is what you can start doing in your own community with your own little roadside fruit stand to start selling fresh, healthy blueberries and create additional income during your retirement years when you will need it most. We consider this a great investment idea for baby boomer retirement since you can plant 600 blueberry plants every Spring or Fall planting season. You don't have to plant your entire farm project all at one time. Take small steps in the right direction. We can help you get started. CALL NOW: (609) 561-5905.

DiMeo Farms customers who invested in ULTRA-HEAVY BEARING SIZE large blueberry plants for sale by our family fruit tree farms can sell up to 30 pounds of fresh, quarter-size blueberries off of fully mature blueberry bushes. An annual income up to $38,000 to $45,000 per blueberry acre (1,200 blueberry bushes per acre) is what some customers reported back to us for an example of pick your own blueberry farms income. This is why our happy DiMeo Farms blueberry bush customers are planting pick your own blueberry farms to prepare a dependable retirement income stream for a great baby boomer retirement income idea. There are few better investment ideas that will give you a return on investment in this current economy than investing in blueberry plants to start your own u-pick blueberry farm. Locally grown blueberries are in high demand and blueberry prices will likely continue to rise. You've seen the expensive grocery store prices for blueberries these days! This happy DiMeo customer took his two daughters to DiMeo Farms after they heard about us from friends who also bought from us. He was so impressed with our CHEMICAL & PESTICDE-FREE blueberry plants.

Our New Jersey blueberries plants garden center can teach you how to plant blueberries with EXPERT advice from an EXPERT DiMeo blueberry grower. Listen below to our fourth generation DiMeo blueberry farmer discuss how to properly space blueberry bushes and plant blueberry bushes. This is the correct blueberry plant spacing that you should use for your u-pick blueberries farm because planting blueberries bushes farther apart actually has no measurable impact or improvement on overall blueberry yield or berry production per acre as some people think it might. Some people think that if they space blueberry bushes farther apart, that they might let more sunlight or air around the blueberry bush and therefore possibly lead to an increase in blueberries production. Unfortunately, this is a myth. It's the "old way" of thinking that some blueberry farmers did decades ago. Today's blueberry farmers space 2.5' feet between each blueberry plant which is maximizing your land use and spacing without compromising overall blueberry yield. You might notice that some older blueberry farms have their berry plants spaced farther apart, that's because "back then" the growers thought it might improve production.

Start Your Own Pick Your Own Blueberry Farm & Generate Additional Income for Retirement Years

Plant your own u-pick blueberry farms with DiMeo Blueberry Plants Garden Center in New Jersey who has helped families from all across America start growing blueberries with ultra-heavy bearing SUPER-HARDY blueberry plants. These smart families are growing fresh locally grown blueberries as a SECOND INCOME or a future pick your own blueberries farm business for their children or grandchildrens future. Most families plan to sell fresh, healthy blueberries or other "super berries" at their own local farmers market. Some families start pick your own blueberry farms for a very profitable pick your own blueberries farm business. That's exactly what this U.S. Army military officer had in mind when he drove hours just to buy blueberry plants from DiMeo Farms. He not only has strong military discipline, but he is "a man with a good retirement plan." He is investing in his future retirement years with an retirement investment that won't likely crash like the U.S. stock market might. He invested in DiMeo's blueberry plants and intends to plant 600 blueberry plants every Spring and 600 berry plants every Fall planting season to prepare for his future retirement years with his own little pick your own blueberry farm and roadside farm fruit market stand. CALL NOW: (609) 561-5905 to get started.

Let a DiMeo blueberry farmer teach you how to grow blueberries plants and properly space blueberry bushes for your own little blueberry garden. Buy blueberry bushes direct from DiMeo's u pick berry farm and learn from our farming professionals just like these happy DiMeo blueberry plants customers did. Enjoy this video below and see the higher quality of our SUPER HARDY blueberry bushes just like these in the area of our blueberry plants farm and berry plants garden center in Hammonton, New Jersey. We don't just sell blueberry plants but also can provide growing tips direct from a blueberry grower that has time-tested farming tips to help make you successful growing your own berries at home. CALL DIMEO FARMS NOW: (609) 561-5905 and let's talk about planting blueberries. We appreciate the many years of repeat blueberry plants business. Thank you.

Our ultra-premium Bearing-Size Blueberry Plants can thrive in hot summer heat down in Southern blueberry growing zones to possibly over 120(F) and COLD WINTER HARDY up in Northern blueberry growing zones down to minus -30(F) up in Zone 3. DiMeo blueberry bushes are so cold hardy that customers drive down from Canada just to buy blueberry plants direct from our NJ blueberry farms. As for lifespan of blueberry bushes the blueberry bushes can keep producing sweet, quarter-size blueberries for up to 30 years or more. Our DiMeo family's farm has large mature blueberry bushes that are over 60 years old and still producing loads of giant blueberries. When you order SUPER HARDY blueberry plants from DiMeo Blueberry Farms, we usually hand-dig big bearing size blueberry plants from one of our New Jersey blueberry plant farms and then prep them for shipment at our family blueberry farms like we did in this photo below, when a fourth generation DiMeo blueberry farmer insisted the truck drivers wait until he personally checked the order before it left our small fruit trees farm in New Jersey, where we specialize in small fruit trees for sale, farmer-direct. 

Below is third generation, 83 year-old, blueberry farmer M. DiMeo, Sr. who was at our blueberry plants garden center in early-Spring (plants were just starting to leaf out which is why they don't look as full) and he decided to help one of our homeowner blueberry grower customers load up some DiMeo blueberry bushes. Mr. DiMeo was happy to give berry farmer-direct blueberry planting tips and advice. Mike, Sr. still works on his blueberry farm almost every single day in Hammonton blueberry fields and at his New Jersey blueberry plant nursery. When you become a DiMeo Farms customer, you can consult with a DiMeo blueberry farmer for FREE. We can give all of our customers FREE blueberry planting instructions, tips or blueberry growing advice. God bless Mr. DiMeo. His uncle recently passed away at 101 years old, his aunt lived to 98 years old and his great-aunt also lived to 101 years old, so the DiMeo's have great longevity. Likely from healthy eating blueberries as a part of daily diet. 

DiMeo Blueberry Farms Difference

Planting trust. Growing quality. Delivering success.

We sell higher quality blueberry bushes and possibly the largest blueberry variety selection of "ultra-heavy" bearing-size blueberry plants and other super healthy berry plants within our New Jersey family blueberry fruit tree farms. Many blueberry growers buying DiMeo blueberry plants report exceedingly high survival rates and exceptional blueberry plant vigor. Since 1910 the DiMeo family established successful New Jersey blueberry farms that today has many acres of blueberries farms currently in production. Many have said that DiMeo blueberry farms and blueberry bushes farm is the best blueberry plants garden center in America. People from all over the world fly to DiMeo Farms just to meet with us and learn how to grow blueberries using our old fashioned blueberry growing methods and tips. Just like these two little girls who traveled hours with their parents, just to buy BIG Bearing-Size Blueberry Bushes for their mom for Mothers Day. They asked mom what she wanted. She said "blueberry bushes from DiMeo Farms." Only $10 each. CALL NOW: (609) 561-5905 to get a quick quote.
DiMeo Farms Advantage
• Strong, vigorous blueberry plants with healthy root systems
• Limited blueberry bush transplant shock, with proper care
Stronger canopy growth on our large blueberry bushes
• Increased blueberry bush vigor and often faster blueberry production
Easy blueberry transplanting and planting blueberries with minimal or no losses
• Extreme uniformity of overall blueberry production
Certified virus and disease free, healthy blueberry plants with added bonus of being 
ultra-heavy bearing blueberry bushes to increase blueberry yields per acre
DiMeo Farms grows the highest quality mature blueberry bushes for sale, highest yielding blueberry plants for all types of blueberry growers of every size. Our SUPER-LOW $10 blueberry bush prices for the size and age of our BIGGER SUPER HARDY Bearing-Size, multi-branched, 3 YEAR-OLD blueberry bushes is the best value. Watch the video below and see the "DiMeo Difference" with our ultra-heavy bearing large blueberry bushes like these at the DiMeo family's IBF blueberry farms in Hammonton, New Jersey. We can recommend the most popular and productive blueberry varieties that we have tested and found to be the most productive blueberries bushes that you can enjoy for many years to come. This way you never have to buy blueberries again the grocery store. Just think about all the money that you can save in the long-run if you grow your own berries.
Read and watch DiMeo's New Jersey blueberry farms featured on NBC News featuring DiMeo blueberry farms in the media as our family has been called "the first family of blueberries" by some of our customers, with the best blueberry planting advice and tips on growing big, sweet blueberries in the blueberry industry. As many have said, "DIMEO FARMS is the first name that comes to mind when I think of blueberries." We are expert, old fashioned, fourth generation blueberry farmers that can sell you higher quality blueberry plants and give you the best blueberry planting tips from our professional blueberry growers in New Jersey. A real global "blueberry market perspective" and over 105 year DiMeo family blueberry growing legacy makes the DiMeo's qualified to help optimize your success as a home blueberry gardener, commercial blueberry grower, blueberry plants retailer, blueberry bushes nursery, berry winery, pick your own blueberry farmer or just someone looking to start your own u pick blueberries patch like these happy DiMeo customers decided to do after touring our u pick berry farms in New Jersey. Give us a call: (609) 561-5905 and let us be your berry farm consultant.

Below is third generation, expert blueberry farmer digging DiMeo blueberry plants for wholesale blueberry nursery growers. We hand-dig small home blueberry garden orders for home blueberry growers but, we sometimes can machine dig wholesale blueberry plants per customer order. Below video was taken during FALL blueberry planting season thus, the Bearing-Size blueberry bushes were all starting to go dormant and already had lost about 60% of their leaves on this beautiful October day. We take orders ahead of time so that we can guarantee you blueberry inventory availability. Our berry bushes inventory is limited and can change frequently. Remember, you can CALL AND RESERVE your plants ahead of time and then we can ship when you want to receive them. 

What Sets DiMeo Farms Apart

Direct from REAL fourth generation blueberry farmer with measurable blueberry acreage instead of our online competitors, most (if not all) of whom are only growing plants in pots, in their back yards or on a small lot that's not even a legitimate farm. Some are selling greenhouse grown "tissue culture" plants that simply lack "plant hardiness" or those that are just pretending to be farmers and simply "peddling plants online" without having any actual blueberry farming experience. Anyone can just "sell plants" but we have lifelong experience in this industry.

Few growers make blueberry plants the old fashioned way. Our blueberry plants are NOT unnaturally made in a lab or greenhouse from "tissue culture." Did you know that up to 95% of our competitors buy (to re-sell) slow growing TISSUE CULTURE blueberry plants in bulk from large nurseries that propagate (make) blueberry plants unnaturally in a lab? It's true. Almost all the blueberry plants for sale online or sold in big box stores are almost all unnaturally made in a lab or greenhouse facility. They go from a propagation lab facility, to a greenhouse where they "push plants with intense heat" in a strictly controlled environment to make the plants grow faster. Then, they go from a greenhouse to a big box store (or online nursery) then, to your house. When you actually plant them outside, many will likely die or not grow properly, because they are NOT hardy blueberry bushes. Before you bought them, they were always kept in a strictly temperature controlled environment. Our competitors won't tell you that, because they are not REAL blueberry farmers, they just want to sell plants. Competitors just show you a low price for blueberry plants, but they don't tell you the actual size or age. Most will just send you a "little twig in a box" like this customer got from one of our competitors. She said she was "tired of getting junk mailed to her from online main order companies" so she chose to take her son to DiMeo Farm's Blueberry Bushes Garden Center to tag the perfect blueberry bushes on sale blueberry-farmer direct.

Speaking of our competitors, almost all online blueberry stock nurseries, retail stores or "guys online peddling blueberry plants out of their backyards" buy slow growing, not as vigorous TISSUE CULTURE blueberry plants from big propagation lab facilities. The blueberry plants they sell may look good (or may even be cheaper) but WATCH OUT, because they are NOT HARDY plants and you will likely end up losing up to 40% or more, of your blueberry investment. Tissue culture blueberry plants can take TWICE as long to grow and any experienced blueberry farmer that actually has measurable acreage, will tell you to stay away from tissue culture blueberry plants for these reasonsWatch this video below and see blueberry bushes that can be more vigorous, tougher and overall SUPER-HARDIER blueberry bushes. This shows you how high quality our DiMeo blueberry plants are from the very beginning. PLEASE DISREGARD THE MINIMUM ORDER THIS BELOW VIDEO STATES as that is no longer the case. Our minimums can change, without notice, according to our New Jersey blueberry farm inventory levels. You won't find a single "tissue culture" plant lab or "plant greenhouse" at DiMeo Blueberry Farms or blueberry bushes garden center. Grandpop DiMeo never liked them, and there's a good reason why he didn't. At DiMeo Farms, we are from the old school.


Large 3 Year-Old Bearing-Size Blueberry Bushes direct from DiMeo Blueberry Farms & Berry Plants Garden Center who can help you grow large, productive, ultra-heavy bearing blueberry plants ready to fruit this Summer. CALL DIMEO FARMS NOW: (609) 561-5905 or e-mail us: to place blueberry bushes mail order or schedule a blueberry plant pick-up appointment at our New Jersey berry farm. Get directions to DiMeo's blueberry plants garden center here like these happy DiMeo customers did when they drove hours, just to buy bearing-size berry plants direct from DiMeo. In this photo you see our thornless blackberry bushes coming out of the car, as well as some of our SUPER-SIZE mature blueberry bushes sitting on the ground to the far right.

DiMeo Family Blueberry Farms & Blueberry Bushes Garden Center is a New Jersey family blueberry farm and berry plant farm that offers higher quality super hardy blueberry plants and other small fruit plants that are made the old-fashioned way. Our family of experienced DiMeo blueberry farmers are committed to growing blueberry plants, mature blueberry bushes and blueberries that are HEALTHY and SAFE for your family. We offer environmentally friendly, gentle, NO PESTICIDES blueberry farm options that help home gardeners all over America to naturally produce large productive blueberry bushes that can bear LARGER and SWEETER BLUEBERRIES all summer long. Watch below DiMeo Farms video and see quarter-size, blueberries yield from DiMeo blueberry plants even AFTER they were picked four times during blueberry season at IBF in Hammonton, New Jersey.

Learn more about Ultra-Premium DiMeo Blueberry Plants with DiMeo Blueberry Farms & Berry Plants Garden Center and learn about the blueberry super fruit and amazing health benefits of blueberries, especially in growing healthy blueberries at home in your own backyard. Just think of all the money you will save with growing your own natural blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.
DiMeo Farms Customer Videos

DiMeo Blueberry Farms Reviews by our happy customers. Just a few photos are featured on our DiMeo Farms Facebook Profile with 50,950 LIKES

"Thanks for helping me start my own pick your own blueberry farm. I planted a u pick blueberry farm field and now so many people come in the Spring just to take pictures of their kids in the field of white blueberry flower bloom. Excellent berry crop yield and the blueberries bloom such beautiful white "wedding bell" flowers. Your DiMeo blueberry plants are doing so well. Growing bigger blueberries now with your plants, double the size of the blueberries plants I previously had planted in my blueberry fields. Thanks for all your growing tips and great DiMeo Farms customer service."

- David (Naperville, Illinois)

Here's an actual video of us loading David's wholesale blueberry plants order for his shipper at our blueberry plants garden center. We gave him a great LOW PRICE for his blueberry plants, and we can do the same for you just as we did for this satisfied DiMeo Farms customer. Notice how healthy our blueberry bushes are with large root systems so you can "hit the ground running" with DiMeo's Blueberry Bushes Farm & Berry Plants Garden Center in Hammonton, New Jersey

 "I'm a soon-to-be retired science teacher who bought bearing-size blueberry plants direct from DiMeo Fruit Farms & Small Fruit Plants Farm and I must say, they were not only in great shape, but the best blueberry plants I have ever seen. Next year, we plan to order more blueberry plants from DiMeo's Fruit Plants Farm as we are starting our own pick-your own blueberries business for extra family income after my retirement in a couple years. I highly recommend DiMeo Farms, as they certainly know how to grow the best blueberry bushes hands down. Great DiMeo Blueberry Farms experience."

- Rob (York, Pennsylvania)

Here's a video of Rob loading Heirloom blueberry bushes in his horse trailer. PLEASE NOTE THE DESIGN OF THIS TRAILER TWO-TIER STACKING-SYSTEM WHICH YOU CAN EASILY DESIGN if you want to buy wholesale blueberry plants at our DiMeo blueberry stock farm without having to pay for a shipper to deliver them to you. Rob, a soon-to-be retired Science teacher, always dreamed of starting a blueberry farm of his own that will be a pick your own blueberry farm in his community. He got Heirloom blueberry plants varieties with the best tasting blueberries that his PYO blueberries customers will LOVE.

 "These New Jersey blueberry plants I just purchased from DiMeo's Small Fruit Plants Garden Center are large and hardy, yet only $10 per blueberry plant. That is so much less then any others I've seen. Hardy blueberry bushes, and detailed care for blueberries instructions were provided. Postive DiMeo Blueberry Farms experience, as they were very helpful with all my blueberry plant questions. I have no DiMeo Farms complaints here with the good service and product. Thank you again."  

- Terry (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

 "The DiMeo family blueberry farm DiMeo Fruit Farms & Berry Plants Garden Center had just the perfect blueberry plants that my wife and I were looking for, to start our own Pick Your Own blueberries business in our hometown. We are buying DiMeo blueberry plants this fall and are coming back to buy blueberry bushes next Spring. Excellent customer service in helping us fly out to the DiMeo farm with DiMeo even helping us to rent a Budget rental truck to drive our new berry plants investment back home. Farm visit was great. Really helped us to visualize our own blueberry field planning ideas."

- John (LaPorte, Indiana)

Here is an actual video of John and his wife picking up their DiMeo blueberry bushes at our retail blueberry plants garden center at Grandpop DiMeo's farm. As you will see, our DiMeo blueberry bushes are EXTRA-LARGE and SUPER HARDY berry plants. These are clearly higher quality berry bushes ready to fruit this Summer. Just watch and listen as we load up one of our happy repeat DiMeo blueberry plant customers just like John and his wife from Indiana. If you are looking for small fruit trees or plants then you have found the right source.

"We purchased a blueberry bush gift certificate from DiMeo's Blueberry Farm & Berry Bushes Garden Center and gave it as a wedding-house warming present to my best friend and her new husband. They LOVED the original blueberry plant gift idea and now every time we visit them, they bring up how well the blueberry plants are doing! They did so well that just this year we decided to start our own pick your own berry farm and drive out to meet the DiMeo family and pick out our mature blueberry bushes. The DiMeo's are great people with amazing berry plants."
- Nicole (Charlotte, North Carolina)
Here's an actual video of us loading up Nicole and her husband who drove hours, up from North Carolina to personally visit one of our DiMeo blueberry plants farm and family blueberry farms in Hammonton, New Jersey. They wanted SUPER HARDY blue berry plants with nice healthy root systems that are ready to fruit this Summer.

 "I've been very impessed with DiMeo's Small Fruits Farm & Fruit Trees Garden Center from the very first day that my father and I flew in from Kentucky to visit the DiMeo berry plant operation as well as DiMeo blueberry farms. Mr. DiMeo spent as much time as we needed with us to help us get started with our new blueberry farm. We were so happy with the healthy berry plants we bought last year that we just bought additional blueberry plants this Fall. I highly recommend DiMeo Berry Farms."

- Duston (Glasgow, Kentucky)

Here is an actual video with Duston (soon-to-be retired police officer in Kentucy) who is preparing for his post retirement income by starting his own blueberry farms. He wants to start selling blueberries direct to his local farmers markets for extra income. He came to pick up his order and had a great DiMeo blueberry farms experience. Just like many repeat DiMeo Farms berry plants customersPLEASE NOTE: THE BELOW DIMEO VIDEO WAS TAKEN DURING THE FALL AND LEAVES WERE CHANGING COLOR.

"We had a great DiMeo Farms experience with no DiMeo Farms complaints at all. We needed our blueberry plants shipped in Fall when the DiMeo's were busy with Fall blueberry planting season, but the friendly DiMeo farmers took the time to not only give us a quick visit of the DiMeo berry plant operation, but also give us FREE blueberry planting advice. DiMeo loaded our almost dormant blueberry bushes onto large tractor trailers and shipped quickly with any problems."

- Matthew (Baraboo, Wisconsin)

Here's an actual video of us loading Matthew's order of DiMeo blueberry plants for this repeat DiMeo Farms customer during Fall when the bearing size blueberry bushes were going dormant and losing their vibrant red colored blueberry leaves. NOTE: ONCE AGAIN, THE LEAVES WERE CHANGING COLOR DURING THE FALL SEASON IN THIS DIMEO BERRY PLANTS GARDEN CENTER VIDEO.

Customers LOVE Berry Plants from DiMeo

DiMeo Fruit Farms & Blueberry Plant Garden Center strives to bring you the very best berry bushes in America. We provide you with the most complete berry planting instructions and berry farmer tips for success. Our goal is for you to become a repeat customer. Our higher quality, certified disease and virus free berry plants have produced countless satisfied DiMeo Farms customers. Just look at our happy DiMeo berry plants customers photo gallery of some who drove out or flew out to personally meet with us visit our operation. Like these happy DiMeo customers below who gave us FOUR thumbs up.

 We aim to bring the healthy, SAFE home grown aspects of berry growing into your daily lives. We hope to teach you our time-tested old-fashioned blue berry farming techniques and ways to live a simpler and more healthy lifestyle. Sometimes "going back" to the way it was before, actually makes more sense in today's world. It's like going ahead and moving forward. In these uncertain and unstable economic times, growing your own blueberries and other healthy berries is both satisfying and economical. Nothing tastes better than fresh blueberries picked in your own backyard. Let our family berry farm help you return to the land for a better, self sufficient lifestyle for you and your loved ones. Always know your farmer and educate yourself on where your food comes from. Growing your own healthy berries is playing it SAFE. If you really knew what kind of dirty water some of these countries irrigate their berries with, you would never buy berries at the grocery store, ever again.

DiMeo Farms invites you to drive (or fly out) to personally visit our gorgeous farm operation (by appointment only) to see that DiMeo berry bushes SIZE, quality and lower prices are far better than others. Within the first 90 seconds of your visit, you will see the DiMeo difference just like these happy DiMeo customers did when they arrived at our New Jersey blueberry farms and blueberry tree garden center. We look forward to helping you get started and appreciate your many years of business and referrals. Thank you!

Peat Moss Available for Pick-Ups
We are currently SOLD OUT OF PEAT MOSS RIGHT NOW and too busy to bring in another load at the moment. We will have more in FALL 2015. If you need to buy peat moss (even if it's just one bale) or in high volume then we can get you the best peat moss price for large commercial size peat moss bails. We only ship large orders of peat moss (26 pallets per trailer with 30 bales on each pallet) but, if you pick-up your order at our blueberry plant garden center, then you can buy the best peat moss direct from us. We try to stay well stocked with the best peat moss, just like this load we got in from our long-time peat moss supplier, that our entire DiMeo family has been doing business with for decades. Pick-up peat moss at DiMeo Farms for the best blueberry mulch. When you make your pick-up appointment with us, please let us know ahead of time that you want to get some peat moss, so we can have it all ready for you. Peat moss has the organic matter that blueberry plants absolutely love.

Backyard Blueberry Growers Love Edible Landscaping with Bearing-Size Berry Plants for Sale 

Growing Blueberry Bushes & Growing Blueberries in Your Home Berry Garden

Did you know that blueberries are the MOST PROFITABLE BERRY per square inch of space in the produce section of a supermarket? Would you rather continue to pay $5.00 for a small 1/2 pint of blueberries at the grocery store or just .10 cents from your own backyard like these happy DiMeo blueberry farms berry plant customers did on our DiMeo blog or how about these smart parents who drove out to meet with us, just so they could teach their son how to grow blueberries in the backyard. They were tired of paying high grocery store prices for blueberries and would rather SAVE MONEY money and grow their own blueberries without harmful chemicals or pesticides.

 Our ULTRA-PREMIUM blueberry plants can make the perfect addition to your home blueberry garden. Blueberries make a great small fruits crop for home berry gardens since they require little space and can be easy to grow. When you GROW YOUR OWN BLUEBERRIES at least you know the blueberries are healthy and safe for your family to eat. Always know where your berries come from. Always know your farmer and know your food. Having the peace of mind that you are growing your own hardy healthy blueberries is certainly worth the investment in blueberry plants that can last you a lifetime. Let DiMeo Blueberry Farms teach you how to grow blueberry bushes with our EXPERT advice. Remember, that locally grown blueberries starts at home. We are edible landscaping berry plant specialists and service many edible landscapers in New Jersey and all across America.

Call DiMeo Blueberry Farms & Blueberry Plants Garden Center now: (609) 561-5905 to place an order for mail order blueberry bushes or pick-up appointment. Even if you just want 5 blueberry plants to grow in containers or pots. Just remember our minimum order is five (5) blueberry bushes for small home garden orders. Watch this how to video below as we discuss planting blueberry bushes in containers for those of you with limited space for learning how to start growing berries at home. Many of our berry gardening customers grow blueberries in pots or big containers with great success.


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Read DiMeo Farms Reviews with positive reviews it's no wonder we were voted into the Circle of Excellence with no DiMeo Farms complaints from our REAL, happy berry plant customers, just a few of which are featured here on our new happy DiMeo blueberry plants customer photo gallery which is now growing since we finally just starting taking some pictures of our happy DiMeo customers that drove out (or flew out) to personally visit our family berry farm operation.


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